Exploring Singapore’s Pioneering Role in Futuristic Mining Innovation


In the bustling city-state of Singapore, nestled within the Central Region, reside several burgeoning companies in the mining industry, many of which are leveraging bleeding-edge technology to create new, innovative solutions. From cryptocurrency and data mining to big data analytics and e-commerce, these organizations are shaping the industry’s future.

Singapore’s central position in Southeast Asia, its dynamic economy, and the government’s supportive policies make it an ideal hub for technology-driven companies, especially in the mining sector. Combined with the adoption of digital solutions, companies in this field are redefining what the mining industry looks like.

Let’s dive into a sample of these companies, their unique propositions, and the impact they are making in the industry.


Founded by Bobby Ong and TM Lee in 2014, CoinGecko is a digital currency price and information data platform that assists its users in quantitatively evaluating and ranking their coins. Located in the heart of Singapore, the company plays a significant role in Bitcoin mining, Cryptocurrency, Data Mining, Digital Media, and FinTech.

Digital Commerce Intelligence

Digital Commerce Intelligence, established by Kyriakos Zannikos, aspires to revolutionize the e-commerce industry in SouthEast Asia by leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics. The company offers actionable data & predictive analytics to guide a brand’s digital commerce performance.

Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange

The Singapore Diamond Investment Exchange (SDiX), the world’s first physically settled diamond commodity exchange, was founded by Alain Vandenborre, Lai Keat, Latika Kundu, and Linus Koh. This pioneering platform merges commodities exchange technology with the diamond market, setting a new standard for diamond trade globally.

Frontier Digital Asset Management

Co-founded by Bryan Zhou, Tai Yong Lek, and Xavier Toh, Frontier Digital Asset Management is a data center-style hosting service provider specialized in data mining and blockchain technology.


ThinkVAL, founded by Melvin Wang, pioneers Business Intelligence 2.0 by integrating operational data with external data for new perspectives on possibilities and opportunities.

Navigate Commodities

Navigate Commodities is revolutionizing the digital marketing and mining industry, offering award-winning data visualization & analytics to facilitate smooth commodity market operations.


InfoTrie, co-founded by Daniel Abrouk, Frederic Georjon, Janees Elamkulam and Sandeep Chellappen, offers cutting-edge technology for financial industry analysts and investors to track, analyze, and respond to market changes in real time.


Nozomi, founded by Nicholas Chen, specializes in Big Data, Cloud Data Services, Data Mining, and Information Technology.

Kainantu Resources

Kainantu Resources is a focused gold mining company with two highly prospective gold projects in the Asia-Pacific region, KRL South, and KRL North.

Pacific Hunt Energy

Pacific Hunt Energy, founded by Grant Petersen, is an integrated exploration and production company targeting the Pacific Rim region with advanced drilling and technological capabilities.


GHOSTDRIVE, co-founded by Andrey Murashkin, Christian Deciga, Laurence Cheung, and Maxim Borisov, is an innovative Web3 platform dedicated to privacy and security for data storage and project collaboration, functioning on a decentralized P2P network.


Written by Mark Smith

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