Renewable Energy Pioneers Thriving in The Hague’s High-Tech Landscape

Renewable Energy has skyrocketed in recent years as the global community continues to seek additional sustainable energy sources to combat environmental changes, promote energy security and provide cost-efficient solutions. On the forefront of this innovation chase is Zuid-Holland, a Dutch province situated in The Hague, The Netherlands. This city is renowned for not only housing the International Court of Justice and international embassies but also for being home to several noteworthy companies within the Renewable Energy industry.

This compilation provides a fascinating look into the unique works and missions of these enterprises. These firms not merely provide power globally but also consistently undertake innovative measures to enhance the efficiency of production and availability of renewable energy sources.

From energy giants such as Shell Global and Aramco, to carbon neutrality advocates, such as the European Climate Foundation, and enterprising start-ups like Ampyx Power, these companies are shaping the future of renewable energy. Read through our list to learn more about these interesting companies and their outstanding contributions to the industry.

Shell Global

Founded by Samuel Samuel and boasting expertise in the exploration, production, refining, and marketing of oil and natural gas, Shell Global doesn’t stop at just producing power. They are committed to generating power progress together to meet the growing global demand for energy and while also addressing the need for a lower-carbon, multisource energy system. Shell represents a balanced, sustainable approach to the dynamic global energy sector.

Mazarine Energy

Based in The Hague, Mazarine Energy was established by Edward van Kersbergen in 2013. Rapidly achieving within 18 months, acquiring 3D seismic data and discovering hydrocarbons at commercial rates, Mazarine Energy operates under a well-experienced team, that continues to leverage their solid industry reputations and technical expertise to revolutionize the renewable energy sector.


Primarily known for providing competent, cost-effective services to the national oil company of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Saudi Aramco, Aramco provides an array of services from purchasing and logistics, inspection, engineering, research and technology, IT, finance, legal, public relations, HR, international staffing, and executive services, all from their headquarters in The Hague. With operations scattered across several continents, Aramco’s presence is truly global.

European Climate Foundation

Also based in The Hague, the European Climate Foundation’s mission is focused squarely on climate issues. The foundation is a major non-profit, NGO committed to combating climate change and promoting clean, renewable power sources.

Ampyx Power

Armed with a revolutionary wind energy technology, Ampyx Power was established by Richard Ruiterkamp. Offering a promising technology shift, their renewable power production technology is gearing up to surpass fossil-fueled alternatives in terms of cost-efficiency.

Petro Canada Netherlands BV

As a top-tier oil and gas exploration company, Petro Canada Netherlands contributes significantly to the energy sector in The Hague, offering more than just petroleum products.


Riding on a vision of roads as solar panels, SolaRoad is pioneering the realization of large-scale renewable energy generation by harnessing sunlight falling on roads. With an impressive implementation plan, they aim to power road lighting, traffic installations, households, and electric vehicles with the captured solar energy.


SimGas adds an interesting spin to renewable energy by delving into Biofuel and Environmental Consulting sectors. They also work on implementing innovative solutions to the global energy crises.


Tackling efficient lighting, GreenFox has its hand in smart fluorescent and LED solutions. With the aim to reduce CO2 emissions and cost, they have partnered with several sheltered workshops while creating job opportunities for individuals with labor market limitations.

GBM Works

Located in The Hague, GBM Works specializes in renewable energy and encourages sustainable business models through their services.


Founders Amros Karbor, Hamid Aghabarari, and Ray Karbor envisioned Wattrogen to manufacture new revolutionary windmills optimized for turbulent and low wind speed conditions. These innovative firm aims to efficiently harness wind energy even in urban settings with their patent-pending designs.

Written by Mark Smith

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