Fresno: Epicenter of Innovative Renewable Energy Industry Solutions

In a time when climate change is becoming an increasingly urgent issue, the renewable energy industry is expanding rapidly. A number of innovative companies in this field have cropped up within the city of Fresno, California, offering a variety of sustainable energy solutions. This article provides an overview of several such companies, shedding light on their objectives, areas of expertise, and the services they offer.

Fresno, blessed with abundant sunshine, is naturally a hub for solar energy firms. With an array of companies dealing in everything from construction and consulting to environmental engineering and home renovation, the renewable energy scene is diverse. What binds these enterprises together is a shared commitment to clean energy and sustainable practices.

The following are some of the trailblazers in the clean energy industry with headquarters in Fresno, showcasing diverse yet overlapping niches in the renewable energy domain.

Solar Negotiators

Solar Negotiators specializes in consulting and project management in the renewable energy sector. Their official social media channels can be found at @GoSolarFresno on Twitter, here on Facebook, and here on LinkedIn.

W. M. Lyles

W. M. Lyles is a multi-industry player, working in construction, energy, environmental engineering, renewable energy, waste management, and water purification. Connect with them on @WMLYLESCO on Twitter, here on Facebook, and here on LinkedIn.

Novawest Solar

With over four decades of experience, Novawest Solar specializes in solar power installation, aiding businesses and residential clients in reducing their energy bills. They install solar systems in 30 days or less with a 10-year warranty on equipment. Find more about them here.

Pickett Solar

Operating in the construction, energy, and renewable energy sectors, Pickett Solar has a solid footing in the industry. They are active on social media, with profiles on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning

Donald P. Dick Air Conditioning ventures into construction, consulting, and energy in the renewable sector. They are also social media savvy, with a presence on @mrcool4ac on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

SunPower By Quality Home Services

SunPower By Quality Home Services operates within the energy, environmental engineering, home renovation, and renewable energy sectors. Follow them on @sunpowerqhs on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates and information.

Bright World

Bright World designs and develops solar solutions for commercial property while ensuring maximum performance and financial returns. Their social media channels include Facebook and LinkedIn.


Pacific Solar, as the name suggests, operates in the solar and sustainability segment of the renewable energy industry. They have an active social media presence, with profiles on @werpacificsolar on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Sun Harvest Partners

Sun Harvest Partners provides energy consulting services with the aim of monetizing environmental aspects. More information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

CUE Solar

Charged Up Energy or CUE Solar is an industry player that provides energy-saving solutions and solar systems for residential and commercial installations. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn for more details.

Re-Gen Electric

Re-Gen Electric operates in the renewable energy industry, with a focus on solar energy. Updates and information can be found on their LinkedIn page.

To summarise, the renewable energy sector in Fresno is ripe with opportunity. These diverse companies, with their unique expertise and innovative solutions, are driving the shift towards a more sustainable future.

Written by Mark Smith

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