Renewable Energy Pioneers: Spotlight on Valladolid-Based Companies in Spain

Renewable energy industries have become a beacon for innovation and environmental consciousness in recent years. The city of Valladolid, located in the beautiful region of Castilla y Leon in Spain, has become a hub for these progressive companies. The following businesses are leading the way in renewable energy technology, providing solutions to global energy problems while paving a path toward a more sustainable future.

These companies operate across various sectors within the renewable energy industry. Some focus on improving methods for utilizing bioenergy, while others are concerned with the manufacturing and maintenance of renewable energy plants. Several also provide crucial consulting services to aid other businesses in their renewable energy endeavors.

Let’s dive into these outstanding companies and understand more about their innovative work, their founding teams, and their goals for a greener world.

Trovant Technology

Trovant Technology, a leading company in biotechnology, environmental engineering and renewable energy, was founded by Alexandre Colzi Lopes and José Estrada. Specializing in the conversion of organic waste to bioenergy, their innovation focuses on developing proprietary technology and tailor-made solutions for biogas upgrading and biomethane. Follow them on Twitter or check their LinkedIn and Facebook pages for more news and updates.

Megavatio Control SL

Megavatio Control SL was formed by the dynamic duo; Marcos Valles, an electrical engineer, and a code developer. They focus on blockchain, renewable energy and software industries. Notably, they launched a SCADA web-based software for controlling renewable energy plants, MVScada in 2011. This high tech yet low cost system has been updated to incorporate new features and usability. Check their LinkedIn for more.

Altertec Renovables

Based in the construction, electronics, renewable energy and wind energy industries, Altertec Renovables provides comprehensive maintenance for wind and photovoltaic installations. Tailoring their solutions to each client, they currently oversee more than 39 wind farms with a global power of 1,700 MW. Stay updated with them on their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter platforms.

Quinto Armónico

Quinto Armónico provides consultancy services for renewable investment development. With a clear mission to facilitate a transition to a pollution-free society while simultaneously generating economic value for different participants, the company was founded in Valladolid in 2010. Find out more about their work on their LinkedIn page and Facebook account.


Founded by Juan Ramos, Energibid operates in the consulting, energy, energy management and renewable energy industries. The company aids manufacturers in the energy industry to maximize their profits and helps homeowners save on electricity and gas. Their comprehensive solution involves the development of an energy management system. You can follow them on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date with their latest developments.


Effiautomation is dedicated to providing solutions and services for energy efficiency and automation installations. This company is making strides in the energy, information technology, and renewable energy industries. Connect with Effiautomation on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to learn more about their work.

In conclusion, Valladolid, Castilla y Leon in Spain is evidently a hotbed for innovative companies creating solutions for a more sustainable future. Working from various angles within the renewable energy industry, these companies continue to make significant contributions to environmental sustainability, technology and the economy. Their collective work showcases the transformative power of renewable energy and the potential it holds for our planet.

Written by Mark Smith

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