Exploring Green Energy Innovators Headquartered in Carrollton, Texas: A Spotlight

The global renewable energy industry is evolving and innovating at an incredible pace, challenging traditional energy conglomerates and changing how we consume power. Now, as the heartland of America’s oil and gas industry, Texas is known for its massive crude reserves and as the world’s energy capital. But today, the city of Carrollton in Texas, is also home to a vibrant scene of innovative companies waiting to shape the future of renewables. In this article, we’ll explore some of Carrollton’s leading renewable energy businesses, who are making noteworthy contributions to the renewable sector.

These companies range from traditional oil and gas powerhouses that are leveraging their decades of experience to pivot into renewables, to innovative startups that are disrupting the energy landscape with groundbreaking technologies and business models. Using a combination of cutting-edge technology, smart financing, and a forward-thinking business approach, these enterprises represent the future of energy as Texas and the world gradually transition to a more sustainable, low-carbon economy.

So, let’s dive into the world of Carrollton’s renewable energy companies. Each has its unique story revealing how they contribute to creating a more sustainable world. Most importantly, these organizations showcase Carrollton, Texas as a crucial hub for the future of renewable energy.

Crown Exploration

Founded in 1997 by Shane B. Shanafelt, Crown Exploration is a company specializing in oil and gas exploration and production. With significant expertise in drilling, evaluation, and acquisition of energy-bearing properties, they offer a remarkable balance in the energy sector through their innovative techniques. Their keen eye for potentially prosperous land positions them at a distinctive advantage in the competitive energy space.

Crescendo Power

Created by Todd Price, Crescendo Power has been providing a unique blend of services to support a plethora of distributed energy projects. They offer a comprehensive capital service from sponsor and tax equity to sourcing debt seamlessly for their client’s needs. They collaborate with a wide range of companies, such as project developers, hardware/software providers, and EPC firms, to provide an overall solution for their customer’s onsite energy objectives. Their company details can be found here on LinkedIn.

Varel International

Varel International, founded by Dan Varel Sr in 2008, operates as a holding company. Recognized for their manufacturing of high-quality oilfield tools, the firm provides essential services that significantly contribute to the energy industry’s daily operations. Their innovation and commitment have made them a valued player in the ever-evolving renewable energy scene.


Solarize is leading the way in providing solar energy services in Carrollton. Offering free solar consultation, site surveys, permit submissions, and installation services, Solarize ensures that transitioning to renewable energy is a hassle-free process. They can be found on Facebook and LinkedIn.

GlobalNet Energy Investors

GlobalNet Energy Investors is a development-stage company dedicated to investing in the future of energy. Although early in its journey, the firm is devoted to advancing the field of electronics, mining, renewable energy, and solar technologies, marking potential for substantial growth in the coming years.


Vercet is carving out its niche in the renewable energy industry through materials science research and development. By marshaling a team from firms like HP, Vercet is diving deep into oil, gas, and alternative energy projects. Their expertise is helping the company offer top-tier product realization and consultancy to oil and gas exploration companies.

In conclusion, it’s inspiring to see how Carrollton, Texas, a town steeped in oil and gas tradition, is becoming a hotbed for renewable energy innovation. Whether old or new, these companies are demonstrating that the growth in the renewables industry is not limited to Silicon Valley or Wall Street; it’s happening right here in the heart of Texas.

Written by Mark Smith

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