Prague’s Leading Innovators in the Energy Management Technology Frontier


Prague, the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, has been making waves in the Energy Management industry in recent years. This Central European city presents a unique concentration of energy companies with advanced technology and competitive advantage. In line with our coverage of bleeding-edge technology across various industrial sectors, we at Futurology have decided to cast the spotlight on Prague’s flourishing energy sector.

Energy management is paramount to the global push for sustainability and the increasing efficiency of industrial processes. As we will dig into in this series, Prague is home to a plethora of energy management companies. These organizations contribute to the economies of adaptations, oversee the efficient usage of energy, and develop innovative solutions in this highly important field.

While we have several companies to feature, in this edition we will be focusing on the following: SEV.EN ENERGY, DECCI, CleverPower, CEPS, Infa Partner, Geen Holding, and RELOCA energy solutions. Let’s explore them further.


Located in the heart of Prague, SEV.EN ENERGY operates in the electrical distribution, energy, and energy management industries. Their mission is to provide safe and affordable energy supply from coal-fuelled power plants. They have successfully positioned themselves as a significant player in this industry. Learn more about the company here.


Another top company to note is DECCI. Dedicated to energy management and renewable energy, they provide bespoke services including inspection of all panels with a thermal camera, followed by evaluation. Their proposal aims to optimize the layout of the panels to increase performance and efficient energy management.


CleverPower is an organization that engages in the digitization of industries and utilities. Their clients range from energy companies to car manufacturers, for whom they develop and introduce new innovative procedures and technologies. Discover more about CleverPower here.


From offering services within electrical distribution, energy management, and industrial engineering, CEPS tackles everything related to the energy sector. Their solid reputation is built upon their excellence in supply chain management and productivity tools. Check out CEPS’ LinkedIn or visit their Facebook page for more insights.

Infa Partner

Pioneering in the field of data visualization, energy management, and waste management, Infa Partner supports companies in their energy-related endeavours. Follow their LinkedIn for updates and developments.

Geen Holding

Notably, Geen Holding operates in the intersection of construction and energy management. Based in Prague, they are going beyond the traditional realm of energy-related work. You can find out more about them on LinkedIn.

RELOCA energy solutions

To cap this list, we present RELOCA energy solutions. Their forte is providing advice on energy savings for commercial entities, offering services such as energy audits and efficiency checks. Their contribution to energy management in Prague is indisputable.

Energy management companies in Prague are consistently pushing boundaries in their respective fields. Futurology will follow and document their progress, and continue to bring you diversified portrayals of cutting-edge technology being developed around the world.


Written by Mark Smith

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