Melbourne’s Pioneers Transforming the Landscape of Energy Management Industry

The realm of energy management is gaining momentum in the rapidly evolving world of technological advancements. It’s an industry vibrating with innovation, pursuing sustainable solutions, and contributing to a greener future. As we shift towards renewable energy alternatives, businesses specializing in energy management are prominently leading the way. Melbourne, the coastal capital of the Australian state of Victoria, boasts an impressive array of such companies. This article aims to shed light on some of the most innovative companies headquartered within Melbourne, operating in energy management sector.

Energy management companies have a critical role in providing solutions that not only optimize energy use but also reduce operational costs, maintain comfort and convenience, and promote environmental sustainability. The city of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia, is a hub for such companies who are tackling these challenges head-on, creating smart energy solutions, and pushing the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

From the deployment of smart grid technologies, energy performance consulting, to the construction of energy efficient infrastructures, these Melbourne-based companies have made their presence felt in the Australian market and continue to contribute profoundly to the future of sustainable energy management. Here, we’re highlighting some of these companies and the work they are doing.

Aobo Environmental Technology Limited

Aobo Environmental Technology Limited is an energy management company known for its strong commitment to energy efficiency. The company strives to deliver sustainable energy solutions to businesses and consumers alike, generating positive environmental impact.

Conserve It

Offering a unique blend of energy management and cyber security services, Conserve It has been making significant strides in the industry. This company offers patented hardware-based remote access solutions for devices and specialised energy solutions for HVAC&R control, automation, and energy management environments.

Energy Response

As a prominent aggregator of Demand Side Response (DSR), Energy Response plays a crucial role in both the Australian and New Zealand Electricity Markets. The company has the necessary expertise and experience to deliver DSR effectively using dedicated aggregation, scheduling, dispatch and settlements systems.

Molopo Energy

Another key player based out of Melbourne is Molopo Energy, an energy management enterprise focusing on energy efficiency and oil and gas sectors.

Choice Energy

Found by Alan Gill, Choice Energy works in the energy management sector, providing a range of consultancy and customer services along with solutions in solar energy.


Percepscion is focused on delivering products that help consumers manage their electricity usage and reduce their power bills by utilising transformative energy management strategies.


A Melbourne-based energy consultancy, EnergyAdvice aids businesses and individuals in efficiently managing their energy resources.

Fusion Power Systems

Operating out of Port Melbourne, Fusion Power Systems offer solutions in data center, energy management, and energy storage sectors.

Easy Being Green

Last, but not least, Easy Being Green, another Port Melbourne-based company, focuses on energy efficiency and management, making a notable contribution to building greener and more sustainable futures.

Written by Mark Smith

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