Pittsburgh Pioneers: Unveiling Powerhouse Companies in Machine Learning Landscape

Welcome to the latest installment of our series highlighting the groundbreaking work being done in the machine learning industry, right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In today’s article, we will take a look at several businesses that are not just pushing the boundaries of this exciting field but are also shaping the future of technology. The companies we’ll focus on are transforming industries as diverse as agriculture, healthcare, and legal services, showcasing the wide range of applications for machine learning technology.

Known as the Steel City, Pittsburgh has a decades-long history of innovation and resilience. Today, it has transformed from a steel manufacturing hub into a center for high technology, education, healthcare, and finance. The companies we’ll be focusing on today exemplify this shift but they also represent a local approach to global challenges, harnessing the power of machine learning to create solutions at the intersection of various industries.

From AI-powered agricultural insights to automated health diagnostics and legal document analysis, Pittsburgh’s machine learning landscape is as diverse as it is promising. The city’s unique blend of educational institutions, tech incubators, and innovative companies makes it a fertile ground for cutting-edge tech development. Now, let’s take a closer look at some of these companies that are shaping the future of machine learning.

Bloomfield Robotics

Bloomfield Robotics was founded by George Kantor, Harjatin Baweja, Mark DeSantis, and Tim Mueller-Sim. This company is revolutionizing the agricultural industry by providing affordable and precise AI-powered inspection technology that assesses the health and performance of every plant, from seed to harvest. Their innovative technology combines ground-based image capture and deep learning-based processing. Visit their LinkedIn page to learn more about Bloomfield Robotics.


Petuum, founded by Eric Xing, Ning Li, and Qirong Ho, is committed to bringing advanced artificial intelligence solutions to businesses. Their AI platform, Petuum Symphony, delivers machine learning and data processing at an unprecedented scale, solving complex real-world challenges while reducing costs. You can learn more about Petuum’s offerings and engagements on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Fifth Season

Fifth Season is an indoor vertical farming company using automated robotics and software analytics. Co-founded by Austin Lawrence, Austin Webb, and Brac Webb, Fifth Season aims to revolutionize urban farming by growing pesticide-free leafy greens and herbs at affordable prices year-round. More about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


OtterTune, co-founded by Andy Pavlo, Bohan Zhang, and Dana Van Aken, provides automated tuning solutions for data-intensive applications. Using machine learning, OtterTune improves database performance by adjusting runtime knobs based on the database’s behavior. Find out more about OtterTune on their LinkedIn page.


Agot.AI founded by Alex Litzenberger and Evan DeSantola, is a computer vision platform designed specifically for the QSR industry. They aim to digitize restaurant activities, translating those observations into real-time team interactions and impactful analytics. More about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


LegalSifter, co-founded by Elliott Williams and Lars Mahler, builds artificial intelligence products that simplify the management of legal obligations. Their technology uses natural language processing and machine learning to process unstructured terms and conditions into structured data. Check out their LinkedIn and Facebook pages to learn more.


Founded by Alexander Baikovitz and Haowen Shi, Mach9 is building the Digital Surveyor for the engineering and construction industry. Their software uses computer vision to transform complex image and 3D data into actionable models. More about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Abridge, co-founded by Florian Metze, Sandeep Konam, and Shivdev Rao, offers an audio-based system to record and summarize medical conversations. The goal of Abridge is to help people better understand their health conversations whether at home or in the hospital. Learn more about Abridge on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Voci Technologies

Voci Technologies, founded by Anthony Gadient, Edward Lin, John Kominek, and Rob A. Rutenbar, offers voice of the customer insights and performance metrics by using advanced speech recognition and machine learning technologies. You can find out more about Voci Technologies on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


Behaivior, co-founded by Ellie Gordon and Ryan O’Shea, is a digital health company using AI and wearables to help people manage their mental health recovery. Their technology provides the right intervention at the right time, helping care providers better serve their clients. Learn more about Behaivior on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


SpIntellx, founded by Chakra Chennubhotla, Jeffrey Fine, Lansing Taylor, and Michael Becich, is applying truly unbiased spatial analytics software powered by explainable AI to decipher the complex cancer biology, thus unlocking new applications in medicine. Learn more about SpIntellx on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Written by Mark Smith

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