Exploring Dominant Machine Learning Innovators Based in Istanbul, Turkey


Istanbul, Turkey’s bustling metropolis, is fast becoming a global hub for advanced technology and innovative solutions, particularly in the Machine Learning industry. A nexus of Eastern and West culture and history, it’s now home to a number of companies pioneering groundbreaking ideas in fields from retail to healthcare to social media. This article is a deep-dive into such fascinating establishments, their visionary founders, and the novel ways they leverage machine learning to revolutionize industries and define the future.

These businesses are part of a global trend towards embracing machine learning, a branch of artificial intelligence that powers countless applications we use daily. They spotlight Turkey’s technological potential, proving it’s not just Silicon Valley that’s pushing boundaries. As an essential bonus, these are not one-man operations either – each company boasts a team of dedicated professionals working tirelessly to make their vision a reality.

With Istanbul as their base, these firms serve clients around the world, and their diverse applications of machine learning reflect the versatile nature of the technology. From image recognition to predictive analysis, their products and services showcase the breadth and depth of machine learning’s possibilities. Let’s take a closer look at each of these forward-thinking enterprises.


Founded by Aytul Ercil and Ceyhun Burak Akgül, Vispera is an image recognition and analytics company that helps retailers improve their performance at points of sale. They provide real-time data and guidance on a range of key retail execution metrics. You can follow their latest updates on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

a2 Technology

a2 Technology, led by founders Murat Mutlu and Özcan Gülderen, provides various solutions like Automatic Plate Recognition Systems and Video Content Analysis using artificial intelligence and machine learning methodologies. The firm is globally acknowledged, serving in more than 80 countries. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Murat Hacioglu and Tuna Sonmez, B2Metric offers an AI-based predictive analytics solution to create actionable insights for optimized marketing results. Their AI-powered services are accessible via their ML Studio platform solution. Stay updated with their journey on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Albert Health

Albert Health, established by Ensar Güneşdoğdu, Recai Serdar Gemici, and Serhat Uzun, offers a voice-based health assistant. Using machine learning, it creates a unique conversational medication management experience for patients, notably the elderly. Their ongoing works can be followed on LinkedIn.

Lisa AI

Lisa AI, developed by founders Nazim Kemal Ure, Orkan Yılmaz, and Tarık Demir, is a mobile app that predicts Instagram photo engagement before posting. Utilizing deep learning, it analyses visual content and helps users maximize audience engagement. Visit their Facebook to know more.


Lifemote, co-founded by Barış Uyar and Eren Soyak, offers AI-driven Wi-Fi analytics that detect home network issues and resolve them before customers complain. They’ve been successfully deployed in several countries. You can follow them on LinkedIn.


At Reengen, founded by Burak Sefer, Sahin Çağlayan, and Utku Simitli, an Energy IoT Platform delivers an analytics solution for Global Energy & Utilities Industries. The results include energy efficiency, operational efficiency, energy procurement optimization, and predictive maintenance. Stay in touch with their works via their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn feeds.

Tarentum AI

Tarentum AI is another revolutionary venture in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning launched by Oguz Silahtar and Utku Azman.


Co-founded by Ayhan Boyacioglu, Furkan Kınlı, Mehmet Ali Peker, and Mete Varas, T-Fashion provides customized trend insights and fashion analyses to companies in the fashion industry. They have made a name for themselves as they analyze social media trends using sophisticated deep learning algorithms. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Trendbox Innovative Technologies

Established by Ahmet Bilgen, Trendbox collects real-time data from retailers, generating instant smart reports via AI. These reports help analyze sales trends, region, and consumer behaviors. Stay connected with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Last but not least is CounterFake, a firm set up by Furkan Arslan. CounterFake is a remarkable service that detects counterfeit products on online channels using AI. You can keep up with their activities on Instagram and LinkedIn.

In conclusion, each one of these Istanbul-based companies is making a significant impact in their respective industries, leveraging Machine Learning to enhance their services and solutions. The future of Istanbul’s role in the global tech industry seems to be incredibly promising, and we can expect even more pioneering initiatives to surface from this historic city in the years to come.


Written by Mark Smith

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