Pioneering Bucharest-Based Augmented Reality Companies Shaping Digital Future

Bucharest, the vibrant capital city of Romania, is teeming with a myriad of companies that are revolutionizing the world of Augmented Reality (AR). This technology, which superimposes digital content onto the real world, is being adopted across multiple industries, providing immersive experiences that add value to businesses and change users’ vistas. This article is a spotlight on several remarkable Bucharest-based companies operating within the AR industry.

Creating an intersection of digital worlds with reality, each of these companies offers unique and innovative contributions to augmented reality technology, pushing the boundaries and making things previously imagined, a reality. Delving into this dynamic ecosystem of Romanian startups, we present to you the brilliant companies leading the charge in the Augmented reality industry.

In the proceeding, we will discover their diverse operations and distinct strategies to harness the power of AR for varying industry users – from digital entertainment and software to navigation and mobile apps. Kindly take note that the name of each company is directly linked to their website.


Testing the boundaries of virtual and augmented realities, CreativeVR specializes in creating immersive content and digital entertainment for a variety of platforms. Operating in the vast sphere of software development, this Bucharest-based company is progressively carving a niche for themselves within the realm of AR and VR. Details about their visionary founders and groundbreaking offerings can be found by following them on their Facebook page.


Co-founded by Bogdan Bocșe, Knosis is a platform that specializes in providing valuable human input on machine learning datasets and data streams. Located in Bucharest, Romania, the company’s offerings sway from traditional AR technology but align seamlessly with the broader tech industry by merging augmented reality, information technology, and machine learning. Dodge to their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more insights about Knosis.


Holosee mixes the powers of 3D technology, augmented reality, and virtual reality to produce high-quality, innovative solutions. Like their contemporaries, the Bucharest-based startup is shattering boundaries, proving that the possibilities within the AR sphere are limitless. More about Holosee’s founders and the magic they are creating can be found on their Facebook page.


Viewlity, founded and managed by Mihai Mafteianu, has quickly garnered attention within the AR realm. With a product portfolio consisting of augmented reality apps for the Apple iPhone, this inventive startup showcases how AR can be accessible and user-friendly. Mafteianu and his team have proven that Bucharest, Romania, is an incubator for forward-thinking AR enterprises. They are reachable via their Twitter page.

Geotech Systems

Offering indoor navigation solutions, Geotech Systems is helping users navigate large, populated, or complex buildings via AR, making it a pioneer in its field. With a commitment to customize their solution to fit any building type, this Bucharest-based company is reshaping the way people traverse unfamiliar indoor locations.


Realities uses AR and virtual reality to create immersive experiences that bring people together. With a mission to push the boundaries of these technologies, this Bucharest-based company is showcasing Romania not just as a hub for innovative tech startups but also for companies producing experiences that foster community development. Check out the team and the company’s mission on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Last but not least is Craftars, an AR startup that also delves into mobile apps, software, UX design, and web development. While details about its founders are elusive, the company’s work talks volumes about their commitment to their craft, as evidenced by the innovative AR products they’ve rolled out over the past few years. For a closer look at this cutting-edge outfit, check out their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter pages.

In conclusion, Bucharest’s AR industry is bustling with startups like the ones spotlighted above, each leaving an indelible mark. We will continue to watch this space closely as these trailblazers continue to contribute to the fascinating world of augmented reality.

Written by Mark Smith

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