Phoenix’s Rising Stars: Innovative Energy Efficiency Solutions from Arizona

As we progress further into the 21st century, energy efficiency is a global topic on everyone’s mind – particularly in the realm of sustainable business practices. Phoenix, Arizona, has become a hub for companies involved in the energy efficiency industry, with numerous enterprises setting down roots in the Grand Canyon State. Let’s take a closer look at some of these companies that are balancing commercial success with environmental responsibility.

From established corporations to adventurous start-ups, these corporations are utilizing solar power, electric vehicles, energy management and more to make a positive impact. Not only do these companies promote sustainable practices but they also create innovative technologies and solutions that target various sectors of the economy.

Each of these companies have their own unique ethos and approaches to business. What unites them, however, is their emphasis on energy efficiency and their commitment to the future of the planet. Here, we spotlight these energy efficiency businesses, expanding on their goals, operations, history, and impact on their industry.

Pinnacle West Capital

One of Phoenix’s largest companies operating in clean energy, energy and energy efficiency fields is Pinnacle West Capital Corporation. This entity provides nearly 1.3 million customers with clean, reliable, and affordable energy. They are committed to ensuring Arizona’s future is powered by electricity that is 100% clean and carbon-free by 2050. Connect with them on LinkedIn.


WattLogic is another enterprise based in Phoenix, which operates in the electric vehicle, energy, energy efficiency, energy management, energy storage, lighting, and renewable energy sectors. They stand as a testament to the diverse possibilities within the energy industry. You can follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Vervantis provides commercial and industrial enterprises with services including energy management software, energy procurement, sustainability software, utility bill management, energy efficiency, wholesale price risk management, distributed generation, and utility administration. They have extensive reach within the energy efficiency sector, working with retailers, restaurants, health care providers, and industrial manufacturers to name a few. Join their conversation on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Arcadia Solar

Renewable energy and solar specialists, Arcadia Solar, are also part of the ever-growing Phoenix-based field. Their work in the energy, energy efficiency, manufacturing, and renewable energy industries all contribute towards a more sustainable future. Stay connected with them via Facebook and LinkedIn.

Allied Group Sales

Representing the electronics, energy efficiency, environmental consulting, manufacturing, and renewable energy industries is Allied Group Sales, an electrical & lighting manufacturer’s representative that serves Arizona, Las Vegas, New Mexico & El Paso. Follow their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Another Phoenix-based company operating in the electronics, energy, energy efficiency, and lighting industries is Relumination, co-founded by Daniel Henderson. Find out more about them by connecting on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Seven Ess Investments

In the commercial, energy and energy efficiency business, Seven Ess Investments serves as a great example of a company operating effectively to balance business interests with environmental considerations.

AZ Energy Efficient Home

Operating across numerous sectors including building maintenance, consulting, energy, energy efficiency, green building, and lighting, is the AZ Energy Efficient Home. Developed with the aim to make homes and offices more energy efficient and sustainable, you can learn more about their work by connecting on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Each one of these Phoenix-based companies contributes invaluably to the industry of energy efficiency, displaying a strong commitment to balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability. As the industry continues to expand, these companies and many others will play a pivotal role in shaping a more energy-efficient future for all.

Written by Mark Smith

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