Hawaii’s Top Honolulu-Based Firms Innovating in Energy Efficiency Sector

The Energy Efficiency industry is an inevitable part of the journey towards a sustainable future. Notably, the dynamic city of Honolulu, Hawaii, is home to a myriad of companies shaping the Energy Efficiency landscape. These trailblazing firms are not just transcending geographical boundaries with their innovative solutions but are also setting a precedent for the entire industry at a global scale. This write-up is a tribute to their relentless endeavors to ensure energy efficiency for a greener, cleaner world.

What’s astonishing about these companies is their versatility. They are investing their talents and resources in segments as diverse as Agriculture, Cleantech, Renewable Energy, Sustainable Transportation, and Water. Some are tackling climate change with venture capitalism, while others are contributing to the medical, industrial, and security sectors. In this article, we deep dive into these exceptional Honolulu-headquartered companies operating at the forefront of Energy Efficiency.

So, let’s embark on this informative journey, understanding their origins, their missions, and their distinctive contributions to making our world a more energy-efficient place. They are indeed the torchbearers of our collective stride towards a sustainable future.

Elemental Excelerator

Elemental Excelerator, co-founded by Dawn Lippert and Jill Sims, is dedicated to embedding equity and access into climate solutions while funding unprecedented projects for climate technologies in real communities. With the success of impressive initiatives, they have progressively emerged as a celebrated name not only in the Energy Efficiency realm but also in the realms of Agriculture, CleanTech, Renewable Energy, Sustainability, Transportation, and Water.

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Adnoviv, founded by Olga Boric-Lubecke and Victor Lubecke, specializes in developing sensors and systems for industrial, medical, and security applications. The talented team of Adnoviv has over two decades worth of experience in engineering research, product development, and is globally recognized for their accomplishments in non-invasive physiological sensors.

Hawaiian Electric

Clean Energy, Energy, Energy Efficiency are the arenas where Hawaiian Electric excels. They are also prevalent on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Pono Home

Pono Home, founded by Scott Cooney, offers a plethora of services including green home consulting, energy-saving settings in dishwashers, sealing drafts in windows and doors, pumping up car tires, and more. From personalized in-home assessments to proactive maintenance services, they ensure an energy-efficient lifestyle for their clients. Stay connected with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Energy Industries Corporation

Founded by Darren Kimura, Energy Industries Corporation is an energy efficiency distributor that provides energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. From solar to lighting, and building mechanical systems, they have an extensive range of offerings. Stay updated about their endeavors on Facebook and LinkedIn.

NIDON Clean Energy

NIDON Clean Energy is renowned for its energy efficiency, energy quality, energy storage, renewable energy, and information technology solutions. Stay connected with them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

PV tech

PV tech stands out from other residential photovoltaic contractors as it specializes in solar installations with the Hawaii GEMS program. Get a detailed insight into their offerings from their website.


Trutium3 is a veteran-owned, small business contributing significantly to the life cycle renewable energy development/asset management services for the life of a photovoltaic system.

Written by Mark Smith

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