Omaha’s Leading Environmental Consulting Firms: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

In Omaha, Nebraska, a thriving community of environmentally focused businesses is conjuring innovative solutions for sustainable development. These companies, spread across various industries like CleanTech, Asset Management, and Environmental Consulting, wear sustainability like a badge, offering products and services designed to help other businesses reduce their ecological footprint. Here, we highlight some companies headquartered in Omaha, operating in the Environmental Consulting industry.

These companies are not only invested in driving profit but also in promoting a paradigm shift towards green business practices. Their offerings range from patented cleaning technologies to professional support for industries, and from environmental cleanup to restoration services. In essence, they encapsulate the new wave of businesses — eco-conscious, technologically savvy, and socio-economically oriented.

Opportunities for gainful collaboration and for learning abound in the work these Omaha-based companies do. In this segment, we take an in-depth exploration into some of these companies, their products, services, and the impact they make within their niche and beyond.

CleanCore Solutions

With its Aqueous Ozone technology, CleanCore Solutions provides sanitizing products and services that effectively clean and deodorize any surface. They utilize a patented process to create a chemical-free, organic cleaning system, offering better surface coverage than traditional cleaning agents to a breadth of sectors, including healthcare facilities, government agencies, manufacturing industries, and universities. Founded in 2010, the company’s headquarters are based in Omaha, Nebraska. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for more information.

B2 Environmental

B2 Environmental provides professional support to a myriad of industries. They offer a suite of services that span the environmental consulting spectrum, including industrial hygiene, remediation, due diligence, among others. Their operations are buoyed by a competent team of engineers, laboratory professionals, testing professionals, and remediation contractors. Be sure to check out their Facebook and LinkedIn pages for more insights.


At Enviroworks, environmental services meet a place at the heart of their operations, where they offer services for earthwork, disaster recovery, emergency response, and environmental cleanup. The company’s innovative solutions aim at restoring ecosystem efficiency, providing a clean environment, and offering environmental treatment and restoration services. You can find more about Enviroworks on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Wheeler Contracting

Wheeler Contracting offers environmental solutions that include asbestos abatement, mold remediation, and demolition projects. Serving commercial and industrial clients, their services are environmentally friendly and prioritizes safety. More about their services can be learned from their LinkedIn page.

Arbor Aesthetics

Arbor Aesthetics combines environmental consulting with professional services in the healthcare and service industry spaces. Details about their specific services can be found on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

AMI Environmental

Specialists in dealing with environmental problems that affect facility operations, renovation, and demolition activities, AMI Environmental provides consulting, industrial hygiene, and remediation services, among others. Do visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for more.

Written by Mark Smith

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