Mountain View’s Leading Environmental Consulting Firms Revolutionizing Sustainable Solutions

The future of technology is not limited to the discovery of artificial intelligence, blockchain, or data science. The industry is keenly aware of the role of environment and sustainability in shaping the future of the planet. This drive has given rise to a plethora of companies focused on providing Environmental Consulting services. These Environmental Consulting companies are providing innovative solutions to challenges related to the environment, energy, compliance, and sustainability. One such hotbed for these companies is Mountain View, California. This article aims to give you a peek inside some of those companies making waves from Mountain View.

Environmental Consulting is a broad term that encompasses services ranging from setting up renewable energy systems, managing environmental compliance, organizing environmental data in the cloud, creating bee-friendly hives, and working towards a stable climate and a healthy ecosystem. These companies, based out of Mountain View, work with various industries worldwide, providing them with consulting services to reduce their environmental footprint and work towards sustainability.

Let’s have a closer look at some of these Environmental Consulting companies operating from Mountain View, California:


InfiniRel increases the profitability of utility-scale solar plants through enhanced operational efficiencies. They extend the life of critical assets like inverters and battery energy storage systems, thereby bringing automotive reliability and telecom uptime to the renewable energy market.

Find more about InfiniRel on theirLinkedIn page.

Locus Technologies

Founded by Neno Duplan, Locus Technologies is a specialist in organizing environmental data in the cloud. They provide a comprehensive on-demand software that manages water footprint, greenhouse gasses, and much more. Their suite of environmental data management software products serves the needs of environmental professionals.

Learn more about Locus Technologies via their social media handles: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Minerva Ventures

Founded by Angela Min and Marianna Grossman, Minerva Ventures believes economic success requires a stable climate and healthy ecosystems. This belief guides their effort in providing consulting services to enable robust markets.

To know more about Minerva Ventures, check out their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages.

Honeycomb Hives

Honeycomb Hives designs beehives with removable comb frames to facilitate easy hive inspections and management. Their hives have a horizontal orientation, and their frames can be easily inspected with one hand.

Get to know more about Honeycomb Hives via their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.

Western Horticultural Society

A champion in the field of horticultural education and environmental consulting, the Western Horticultural Society is dedicated to promoting the practice and understanding of horticultural science. Check them out on Facebook.

Polleno Inc.(

Polleno Inc, also known as, is another environmental consulting firm working out of Mountain View. You can learn more about their services on theirwebsite.

Written by Mark Smith

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