New York’s Innovative Solar Companies Revolutionizing Renewable Energy Sector

Within the solar industry, an impressive number of groundbreaking companies continue to lead the way in sustainable energy innovation. This article focuses on a selection of these businesses, all of which are headquartered in New York City, United States. Combining technological advancements with a passion for sustainability, these corporations are paving the way for a cleaner, green economy. Whether it’s manufacturing, clean-tech, or energy services, the solar industry continues to be a key player in the global efforts to transition towards more sustainable practices.

Highly influenced by the city’s commitment to sustainability, New York-based solar businesses go beyond its thriving business ambiance. They are propelled not only by the fast-paced, progressive business environment but by a shared dedication to reimagining the future of power generation. These electrifying New York-based businesses are making strong progress in advancing solar power, consequently contributing to the global transition towards a sustainable power efficiency.

Although diverse in their approach, these businesses all have the same goal: to ensure that solar energy becomes a more affordable, practical, and widespread solution for energy production. This article explores each of these businesses, their strategies, and core philosophies in the mission to promote solar energy.

Piedmont Lithium

Piedmont Lithium, co-founded by Lamont Leatherman and Taso Arima, is a lithium company committed to the development of its 100%-owned Piedmont Lithium Project in North Carolina. Their leadership team boasts of a multi-decade track record of creating wealth for shareholders in mining ventures, building top-tier management teams in the U.S., and funding exploration and development stage opportunities. To learn more about Piedmont Lithium’s commitments and projects, visit their LinkedIn page.

GameChange Solar

GameChange Solar, founded by Andrew Barron Worden, has a stunning mission – to repower the planet with clean solar energy. Targeting both residential and commercial applications, GameChange Solar has sold over 6GW of power and continues to innovate solutions that assure bankable quality and unbeatable value. Check out their progress and products on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Sunlight Financial

Sunlight Financial, co-founded by Daniel Schulenburg, Daniel von der Schulenburg, Michael Ruehlman, and Wilson Chang, specializes in financing solar installations for both homeowners and businesses. With an extensive network of contractors across the U.S, Sunlight Financial’s best-in-class technology and credit expertise enable a simplified loan processing system. They regularly update their LinkedIn page with the latest company news and advancements.

Common Energy

Common Energy, a brainchild of Richard Kaiser, offers new and local clean-energy projects to homeowners and businesses. Using existing utility accounts, Common Energy provides a free pathway that allows everyone to support clean energy, reduce emissions and save on their electricity bills. To follow Common Energy’s journey, follow their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Bright Power

Bright Power, started by Jean Barmash and Jeffrey Perlman, leverages innovation and agility to provide comprehensive energy and water management solutions for real estate investors, owners, and operators. Since its inception in 2004, Bright Power has been at the forefront of making buildings safer, healthier, and more efficient. You can find more about their work from their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.


Nick Blitterswyk’s UGE specializes in creating and operating solar power projects aimed to cater significant solar energy solutions to communities and businesses worldwide. Find out more about their impact and ongoing projects by stalking their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Acumen, founded by Jacqueline Novogratz, is a nonprofit that invests in early-stage companies targeting critical services such as agriculture, clean energy, education, healthcare, and more. Acumen’s success so far has been exceptional, with an investment of $128 million in 128 companies to transform the lives of over 308 million low-income individuals. Follow Acumen’s journey on their Facebook and LinkedIn platforms.

Enernet Global

Enernet Global, founded by Michael Oster and Steve Hellman, implements hybrid microgrid systems to displace the use of diesel. By providing cheaper, cleaner, and more robust energy supplies, Enernet Global is helping to both lower carbon emissions and benefit consumers. Check out their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Blockchain Triangle

Blockchain Triangle, founded by Darren Wolfberg, Logan Sugarman and Rajesh Parimi, is revolutionizing systems for TCFD Compliance for Banks, Asset Managers and the Sustainability-linked bond market. You can visit their LinkedIn page to learn more about their innovation.

Level Solar

Level Solar, which was founded by Richard Kaiser, is a renewables and environment company that offers solar systems and installation services. To keep up to date with all of their activities and innovations, check out Level Solar’s Facebook page.


SolarKal aims to solve inefficiencies in the solar energy market. Co-founded by Neil Sharma and Yaniv Kalish, SolarKal‘s platform provides a streamlined solution for both demand and supply sides in the solar energy market. Follow their journey on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Written by Mark Smith

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