Exploring London’s Pioneering Leaders in the Solar Energy Industry

In recent years, the solar industry has seen significant growth, particularly within the United Kingdom, as more businesses and consumers recognise the importance of renewable energy and work towards a more sustainable future. The city of London, in particular, is home to several leading companies operating in the solar industry, each contributing to the development of clean energy solutions and improving access to renewable energy. This article features some of the most exciting and innovative solar companies based in London.

From providing plug-and-play solar systems in Africa to developing and operating renewable power projects across a variety of continents, these companies are pushing boundaries and redefining the renewable energy landscape. They work across sectors such as energy management, natural resources, wind energy, and even sustainable agriculture. Their diverse operations and pioneering technologies are paving the way for a greener, cleaner future.

One common theme across all these companies is their commitment to sustainability and innovation in the solar industry. Each company has a unique approach to solar energy, ensuring the industry continues to evolve and adapt to meet the ever-changing energy needs of the global population. Let’s take a look at each company.


Founded by Christopher Baker-Brian, Laurent Van Houcke, and Mansoor Hamayun, Bboxx designs, manufactures, and distributes plug and play solar systems to enhance access to energy throughout Africa. Their innovative approach to renewable energy distribution focuses on providing access to the fundamental need of access to electricity combined with superior customer service.


Globeleq Generation Limited develops, builds, and operates renewable power projects in Africa and the Americas. It operates a portfolio of natural gas, solar, wind, HFO, and fuel oil power generation assets.

Lightsource Renewable Energy

Founded by Nick Boyle and Paul McCartie, Lightsource BP is a global market leader in the development, acquisition and long-term management of large-scale solar projects and smart energy solutions. Their projects generate competitively-priced, dependable, clean energy for businesses and communities.


Founded by John Mullins, Amarenco is a fast-growing, independent Solar PV investment company that has vast experience in energy and renewables infrastructure.

Neptune Energy

Founded by Sam Laidlaw, Neptune Energy is an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, with a regional focus on the North Sea, North Africa and South East Asia.

Belltown Power

Founded by Michael Kaplan, Belltown Power is an international renewable energy company that develops and operates wind, solar, and hydro projects. The company’s team focuses on project sourcing, evaluation, construction, operations, and maximizing long term asset value.

PF Nexus

Founded by Mike Smales and Scott Gillam, PF Nexus is the renewable energy & infrastructure deal origination platform for financial professionals. It helps capital to find projects, and projects to find capital.


In operation under Joanna Parker Swift, Solivus is on a mission to simplify the decarbonisation of the built environment with lightweight solar so more businesses and homeowners reduce their climate impact, have more energy security and reduce energy bills.


Founded by Mark Simon, Eelpower is a battery storage developer that operates energy storage solutions. It also operates large-scale commercial energy storage assets.

Sundrop Farms

Sundrop Farms is a leader in sustainable horticulture for the arid world; growing high-value crops using seawater and sunlight. Sundrop Farms decouples food production from finite resources by relying on nature’s abundance of sunlight and seawater to grow the world’s food industry.

Elgin Energy

Founded by Ronan Kilduff, Elgin Energy is an international and independent solar development platform. Established in 2009, Elgin Energy has extensive experience in delivering projects from initial landowner engagement to project completion with a 98% success rate in obtaining planning permission.

Written by Mark Smith

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