Montréal Pioneers: Spotlight on Quebec’s Smart Building Innovators

The Smart Building industry is rapidly evolving with innovative technologies that aim to connect, simplify, and optimize built environments. In this digital age, buildings are no longer merely physical structures, but they have morphed into complex ecosystems intertwined with IoT-enabled technologies and data-driven insights. This thriving industry nurtures countless pioneering companies from all over the world. A notable hotspot for these enterprises is the culturally rich and technologically advanced city of Montréal, Quebec, Canada. This city’s unique blend of engineering prowess and digital acumen has cultivated the emergence of many companies shaping the future of Smart Building technology. Today, we will discuss some of these groundbreaking companies.

Smart Building has emerged as a promising solution to increasing efficiency, sustainability, and occupant comfort. It integrates building infrastructure, systems, and service management with digital technologies, IoT devices, data analytics, and advanced connectivity. It simultaneously streamlines and consolidates building operations to increase efficiency, adaptability, and insights, crucial for facilities managers, property owners, and occupants alike. Let’s dig into some of the cutting-edge companies based out of Montréal that are currently spearheading this movement.

Montréal is home to a diverse range of companies operating in this space, offering a broad spectrum of innovative solutions. These range from smart lighting control systems to immersive digital interfaces, cutting-edge wireless controllers for building automation, and even software that can artistically illustrate the possible arrangements and uses of a physical space. Let’s explore these companies in detail and unravel the distinctive smart solutions they are providing in the realm of Smart Building technology.

YWire Technologies

Founded by Kyle Smith and Omar Tabba, YWire Technologies is a significant player in the world of Smart Buildings, specializing in designing, manufacturing, and selling lighting control devices for commercial buildings. Their flagship product, the FiveSeries Lighting Control System, uses Broadband over Power Line for device networks and integration into Building Automation Systems. This product is engineered to significantly lower the installed costs of integrated systems across the market.


With its roots in Montréal, SmartPixel, founded by Hadrien Laporte, crafts digital and multi-touch solutions through 3D immersive experiences. Their ground-breaking solutions can be displayed on various platforms like shop windows, interactive tables, touch video walls, and large format touchscreens. This company has truly merged the world of Smart Buildings with immersive digital experiences, creating a unique and interactive environment.

SCL Elements

Established by Simon Caron and Simon Leblond, SCL Elements specializes in providing multi-protocol CAN2GO™ wireless controllers for building automation. Their innovative solutions connect devices based on various protocols such as EnOcean, Zigbee, BACNet, CANBus, and the IP/Ethernet standard. Catering worldwide, SLC Elements has boosted the Smart Building industry by providing adaptive solutions that optimize energy consumption while improving comfort for occupants.


reelyActive, co-founded by Jeffrey Dungen, Pier-Olivier Genest, and Traian Antonescu, is an intriguing company offering a technology platform that tracks real-time physical space situations, thereby unlocking the value of shared data. They envision a future of universal machine-contextual-awareness serving humanity. is a powerful company co-founded by Daniel Landry, David Pagé, Jean-François Poulin, and Mathieu Lachaîne that brings peace of mind to condo owners, real estate managers, and insurers by preventing up to 80% of water damage caused by leaks in condo buildings. Utilizing IoT, motion detection, and analytics in the cloud, they offer unique Smart Building solutions focused on water, energy, and insurance savings while increasing household security.


Lauded for its reusable water management solution, Homebeaver allows users to control their home’s water system from anywhere. Using a flow meter, the system catalogues water usage patterns in a house, creates user profiles, and alerts users when something is amiss.


Brite4 operates in the B2B, Intelligent Systems, Machinery Manufacturing, and Smart Building sectors, demonstrating the potential of combining traditional manufacturing processes with modern Smart Building technologies.


Last but certainly not least, Chido uses game and 3D technology to create fully interactive digital twins of any residential, commercial, or office space. Their technology can be accessed from any modern computer, enhancing the usability and intelligence of our built environments.

In conclusion, Montréal’s Smart Building industry is thriving with an array of companies utilizing advanced technologies to redefine how we interact with our built environments. Through their innovative solutions, they not only simplify our lives but also create more sustainable and efficient spaces for us to live and work in.

Written by Mark Smith

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