Cutting-Edge Boston Based Companies Transforming the Smart Building Industry

Welcome to Futurology magazine’s continued look at businesses operating on the bleeding edge of technology; companies trailblazing the path toward a smart building future. The players in this emerging industry are diverse, ranging from IoT to energy efficiency to green construction to smart home development. In this installment, we spotlight companies based in a thriving technology hub of the United States, Boston, Massachusetts. What follows are profiles for several Boston-based firms contributing to the development of smart buildings.

Smart Buildings use integrated systems of technologies, often incorporating IoT, to optimize the building environment. This enhancement extends to energy efficiency, operational efficiency, as well as the comfort and well-being of their inhabitants. The potential outcomes from these buildings are vast; they range from cost savings and energy efficiency to workplace productivity and health improvements.

Boston, often known for its storied history, world-class universities, and robust healthcare system, is also home to a burgeoning technology industry. The innovative spirit of the city fuels a lively tech ecosystem, specifically energetic in the development of smart building technologies. Here, we present you with a look into Boston’s smart building innovators.


Relayr was founded by Harald Zapp, Jackson Bond, Michael Bommer, and Paul Hopton. The company operates in the Industrial Manufacturing, Internet of Things (IoT), Smart Building, and Software sectors. Relayr is a pioneer in IoT and provides enterprise middleware and IoT solutions, enabling comprehensive data analytics and management to create new solutions and revenue streams with data collected from any device, through any connectivity. Their digital industrial solutions empower businesses to undergo digital transformations by leveraging their cutting-edge IoT technology. Follow Relayr on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Tank Utility

Tank Utility was established by Amos Epstein, David Gagnon, Kyle Murphy, and Nicholas Mashburn. They operate in Clean Energy, Energy, Energy Efficiency, IoT, Logistics, Power Grid, Smart Building, and Smart Home sectors. It has developed an innovative solution to the inefficiencies with fuel distribution, using IoT monitors and business intelligence software to eliminate wastage during delivery. This results in a more streamlined process and a better customer experience. Follow the company on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.


Ecovent was created by Dipul Patel, Nick Lancaster, Shawn Rose, and Yoel Kelman. The company operates in the Consumer Electronics, Energy Efficiency, Smart Building, and Smart Home sectors. Ecovent has developed an application to control room temperature remotely, leading to energy efficiency and optimal comfort. It services approximately 200 million Americans with forced-air heating and cooling systems. Follow Ecovent on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

AcceliCITY powered by Leading Cities

AcceliCITY powered by Leading Cities was founded by Michael Lake. The company operates in the Business Development, Clean Energy, Cyber Security, GovTech, Infrastructure, Parking, Smart Building, Smart Cities, and Transportation sectors. AcceliCITY is an opportunity for smart city innovators to utilize Leading Cities’ global network of municipal governments and Smart City experts to build smarter cities. It provides startups with opportunities to secure paid pilot projects and validates their solutions. Follow AcceliCITY on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Suffolk Technologies

Suffolk Technologies was established by John Fish. The company operates in the Building Material, Construction, Green Building, Real Estate, and Smart Building sectors. Suffolk Technologies is a venture capital platform investing in startups focusing on the technology transformation of construction and real estate sectors. Additionally, it runs the annual Boost accelerator, which assists startups with bridging the gap between ‘go to market’ and achieving a product-market fit. Follow Suffolk on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Nephin Technologies

Nephin Technologies operates in the Data Center, Project Management, Smart Building, and Software sectors. They aim to help clients create the most efficient data center environments by reducing complexity, increasing reliability, and improving performance. Connect with Nephin Technologies on LinkedIn.

The DeJesus Organization

The DeJesus Organization was founded by Alberto DeJesus. The company operates in Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Home Improvement, Property Development, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Smart Building, and Smart Home sectors. It includes several subsidiary companies such as DeJesus Industries, Ark Smart Homes + Development, Fifth Avenue Media, and The DeJesus Group. These subsidiaries specialize in general contracting, remodeling, real estate sales, development, and management, and smart home development research. Follow the DeJesus Organization on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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