Minneapolis Pioneers in Environmental Consulting: Transforming Future Ecological Landscapes

Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a hotbed for innovation in the field of Environmental Consulting, with a burgeoning ecosystem of companies offering cutting-edge solutions and services. Leveraging advanced technologies, these companies are at the forefront of tackling environmental issues, enhancing sustainability, and promoting social impact. In this article, we turn our focus to some leading companies hailing from Minneapolis that are making notable strides in the Environmental Consulting industry.

From apps and platforms helping businesses track their environmental footprint to services ensuring safe and sustainable recycling of electronic equipment, the scope of their operations is vast. Their innovative solutions further encompass areas like renewable energy, waste management, environmental risk management, and more. The common thread tying them all together is their commitment to catalyzing environmental sustainability and social impact in their respective fields.

Whether you’re an environmentally conscious business, an investor looking for the next big green tech startup, or a consumer interested in supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability, these companies offer a wealth of different perspectives and solutions. Without further ado, let’s delve into these Minneapolis-based Environmental Consulting companies.


Founded by Amy Dritz and Gautam Muralidharan, Ecocrumb is a Techstars portfolio company that assists businesses in tracking and managing their environmental and social impacts. Their comprehensive software platform enables firms to collect and visualize sustainability data, set priorities, and take meaningful action. Ecocrumb essentially functions as an in-house sustainability team in a box, saving businesses time and resources while implementing sustainable practices more quickly and easily. Connect with them on @ecocrumb and LinkedIn.


OceanTech was founded in 2005 by Alexander Sumetsky and Mikhail Zabezhinsky. The Minneapolis-based company specializes in recycling used electronic equipment. They can be found on @OceanTechonline, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Kurita America

Kurita America is another Minneapolis-based company operating in the Environmental Consulting industry. Learn more about their services by visiting their @kurita_america, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


MDI serves the Environmental Consulting, Manufacturing, Packaging Services, and Product Management industries. Visit their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile to learn more.

ProSource Technologies

ProSource Technologies provides essential services to help public and private projects progress in accordance with local, state, and federal laws. Known for its knowledgeable, innovative, and resourceful staff, ProSource specializes in right of way/site acquisition, relocation, environmental management, and disaster and emergency services. Find them on LinkedIn.

Ecos Energy

Ecos Energy develops and invests in solar projects in addition to offering net metering credits to various towns and municipalities across Massachusetts and Connecticut. Check out their activities on LinkedIn.

Warning Lites

Warning Lites’ is dedicated to providing top-notch traffic control services while maintaining customer and employee integrity. They are on Facebook and LinkedIn.


EnVerde is a clean technology organization focused on commercializing economically viable and environmentally friendly technologies for energy and chemical applications. You can follow their journey on @enVerdeLLC, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


ServeMinnesota is committed to solving issues in education achievement, economic opportunity, environmental stewardship, and substance use disorders recovery. Follow their activities on @servemn, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Footprint Project

Footprint Project provides sustainability services to humanitarian organizations. Stay updated with their work on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Great Plains Institute

Great Plains Institute is another notable organization that operates in the Environmental Consulting industry. Follow them on @GreatPlainsInst, Facebook, and LinkedIn to learn more about their work.

Written by Mark Smith

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