Environmental Consulting Firms Advancing Sustainability in Louisville, Kentucky


The Environmental Consulting industry plays a crucial role in ensuring business practices are sustainable, environmentally conscious, and in line with regulatory standards. In no place is this more evident than in Louisville, Kentucky – a hub for some of the most innovative and influential companies in the sector. This article sets the spotlight on these industry front-runners, offering a glimpse into their operations, services and commitment to environmental stewardship and sustainability. From energy management companies to waste management specialists, this compilation offers a diverse and comprehensive glimpse into the state of the environmental consulting industry in Louisville

Charah Solutions

Charah Solutions are leaders in the Energy, Energy Management, Environmental Consulting and Power Grid sectors. They’re committed to providing on-site, essential services which enable operations to continue in delivering critical electric power to communities nationwide. With over 50 operations across the country, Charah Solutions handles upwards of 15 million tons of ash each year. Learn more about them on LinkedIn.


DENIOS operates in Chemical, Environmental Consulting, and Manufacturing industries. You can learn more about their services on their Facebook and LinkedIn page

Environmental Safety Technologies

Environmental Safety Technologies offers a variety of testing services for sectors like Environmental Consulting, Health Care, Industrial, Test and Measurement. Particularly noteworthy is their next-day viable Legionella vPCR test. Learn more about them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Chase Environmental Group, Inc.

Chase Environmental Group, Inc operates in the Environmental Consulting, Industrial, Professional Services, and Waste Management sectors. To discover more about their work, check out their LinkedIn profile.

A2Z Ozone

A2Z Ozone is a key player in Environmental Consulting and Manufacturing industry. Find out more about them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Beckmar Environmental Laboratory

Beckmar Environmental Laboratory provides key services in Environmental Consulting and Professional Services industry. To know more about them, visit their Facebook page.

National Environmental Contracting

National Environmental Contracting is a much-revered name in the Residential, Commercial, and Industrial sectors of Environmental Consulting. You can follow their progress on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Wasteology is a waste management innovator, converting critical data gathered from their Wasteology program into useful insights for behavior and spending trends. Follow their progress on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Complete Demolition Services

Complete Demolition Services provides Commercial, Construction and Environmental Consulting services. They offer a variety of services, from site cleaning and regulatory services to weather damage cleanup. Know more about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

Municipal Equipment

Municipal Equipment provides services in the Customer Service, Environmental Consulting, Manufacturing, and Retail industries. They provide for the needs of municipal street and sanitation departments. Learn more about them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

US Industrial Fluids

US Industrial Fluids provides various services in the Environmental Consulting, Industrial, Manufacturing, and Packaging sectors. Their services range from metalworking and coolants to cutting oils, hydraulic oils, and bearing lubricants.

Written by Mark Smith

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