Miami’s Pioneering Companies Shaping Future of Global Energy Industry

As the demand for more sustainable, renewable energy sources increases, many innovative companies in Miami, Florida, are leading the way. With a focus on sectors such as renewable energy, clean energy, energy management, and energy storage solutions, these companies are providing necessary advancements in technology, products, and services to help create a more sustainable future. This article highlights some of these pioneering companies in the energy industry, based in Miami, Florida.

Miami is recognized for its vibrant energy market, largely due to the city’s favorable geographic location and commitment to renewable energy goals. This has attracted numerous energy companies—both startups and established firms—to headquarter in this bustling city. The companies featured in this article encompass various facets of the energy industry, ranging from solar and wind power to electric vehicle charging and predictive analytics.

These companies are not only contributing to the development of renewable energy in the United States but are also exporting their knowledge and technologies to the world. With this article, we aim to shed some light on the remarkable work these companies are doing and their contribution to mitigating global climate change through renewable energy solutions.

Atlas Renewable Energy

Founded in 2004 by Carlos Barrera, Atlas Renewable Energy develops, builds, and operates solar and wind projects. The company is a leading figure in the renewable energy sector not only in Miami but across the globe.

Origis Energy

Origis Energy, founded by Guy Vanderhaegen, is a solar development and construction firm providing clean solar and energy storage solutions across the globe. It also provides top-notch services in financing, engineering, procurement, and construction. You can find more information on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

OBE Power

OBE Power, founded by Alejandro Burgana and Luis Paul, offers smart electric vehicle charging solutions. They are building a virtual distributed power plant based on electric vehicle batteries and charging assets. For latest updates, visit their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


On.Energy provides turnkey solutions for smarter energy storage. The company, recognized for its analytics and AI-powered energy management software, is considerably reducing waste and carbon footprint. You can connect with them on Facebook and LinkedIn.

eCombustible Energy

eCombustible Energy has made significant strides in providing a long-term, carbon-free fuel supply solution. Their revolutionary hydrogen-based fuel, eCombustible, is designed for the world’s most fossil-fuel dependent industries.

Beta Analytic

Beta Analytic offers an array of services in the renewable energy sector. The company’s strong social presence can be seen on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Canetic Advisors LLC

Canetic Advisors LLC, led by Anthony A., offers comprehensive solutions to mitigate environmental, energy, and sustainability challenges. Follow their latest endeavors on LinkedIn.

Purify Fuel

Founded in 2015, Purify Fuel manufactures a patented diesel combustion catalyst that ensures fuel efficiency while reducing emissions in engines, creating a pivotal change in the automotive industry. You can find them on LinkedIn.

Nextern Systems Corp

NEXTERN, founded by Diego Florentino, specializes in intelligent software that addresses big data challenges in various sectors, including oil & gas, energy, and mining. Learn more about their work on LinkedIn.


Abakan offers waste-to-energy conversion technology, turning post-recycled residual solid waste into sustainable energy sources. Stay updated on their latest developments via their Facebook page.

Questrust Ventures Inc.

Founded by Alexander Thorn, Questrust Ventures is involved in various arenas, including renewable energy and business development, to name a few. The company works towards developing opportunities primarily in underdeveloped, heavily-populated markets.

Written by Mark Smith

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