Exploring Pune’s Leading Innovators in the Indian Energy Industry

With the world rapidly advancing toward sustainable and renewable sources of energy, cutting-edge technology companies headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra, India are at the forefront of this transition. As the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra, Pune is home to a thriving ecosystem of innovative companies driving developments in Energy, GreenTech, Renewable Energy, and other related industries. One of the remarkable things about these companies is their focus on technologies that are not only beneficial for the environment, but also provide various advantages to their consumers; from farmers and businesses to individuals and public institutions.

The following are some of these companies making a significant impact in the Energy Industry. This article provides an overview of what these companies do, their offerings, and the industries they cater to.

These companies show marked progress towards a more sustainable future, highlighting Pune’s vibrant energy sector innovation scene. The performance of these entities sets a remarkable precedent for environmental sustainability, and continues to position Pune as a hub for renewable energy developments.


Focused on the agricultural sector, Ecozen is a company resulting from the intellectual collaboration of Devendra Gupta, Prateek Singhal, and Vivek Pandey. Their efforts have led to the creation of products like Ecofrost, Ecotron and Eco-Connect. These advances go a long way in aiding farmers with resources for improved production, efficiency and marketability. @ecozensolutions Facebook LinkedIn.

Repos energy

Repos energy is redefining the energy sector through its e-commerce platform for fuel, thereby contributing to a carbon-neutral future. @reposenergy Facebook LinkedIn.

Suzlon Energy

Having been in operation since 1995, Pune-based Suzlon Energy is a longstanding contributor to the renewable energy sector that offers an array of wind turbine solutions. @suzlon Facebook LinkedIn.

Sprng Energy

Funded by Actis Energy Fund 4 with a commitment of US$450mn, Sprng Energy is set to introduce a renewable energy capacity of c. 2GW within the next 4-5 years. @sprngenergy Facebook LinkedIn.


With a stronghold on green energy technology, Greenjoules is making strides in the production of renewable biofuels curated from agricultural waste. @Greenjoules Facebook LinkedIn.


Focused on providing innovative energy solutions, Powerbot is committed to bolstering the advancement in consumer electronics. LinkedIn.


In a bid to make agriculture energy independent, AgriVijay has combined technology with renewable energy product offerings, resulting in green progress for farmers. @AgrivijayT Facebook LinkedIn.

CaptureSolar Energy

Driven by a mission to foster energy conservation and sustainable development, CaptureSolar Energy operates in the renewable resource based applications sector. Facebook LinkedIn.


Founded by A. S. Bhathena, Thermax continues its legacy of remarkable developments in the energy sector. @thermaxglobal Facebook LinkedIn.

Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt Ltd

Offering a range of services in computational engineering, CCTech has distinguished itself as a leading provider of CAD product development, CAD customization and meshing development. @cctech_india Facebook LinkedIn.


To facilitate sustainability in the automotive sector, BatteryPool provides battery charging solutions for electric vehicle fleets and commercial vehicles. LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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