Leading Salt Lake City Energy Management Innovators Shaping the Future

Energy management is a rapidly growing field that is becoming increasingly important as we transition to a more sustainable future. One of the most exciting places to look for innovation in this industry is Salt Lake City, Utah, where several trailblazing companies are headquartered. This city, known for its breathtaking scenery, surprising diversity, and pioneering spirit, is also home to an impressive cluster of businesses operating in the energy management industry. As part of our ongoing series on these dynamic companies, we are highlighting six businesses based in Salt Lake City that are making admirable strides in energy management, efficiency, and sustainability.

From renewable energy to smart home technology, these businesses present a variety of approaches and solutions to managing energy consumption and production in the 21st century. They collectively represent a forward-thinking ethos, developing groundbreaking technologies that are revolutionizing not only energy management but our everyday lives as well. They stand testament to Salt Lake City’s emerging dominance as a hub of energy management innovation, contributing both to Utah’s economy and to global efforts towards sustainable living.

Each of these companies offers up a unique perspective on energy management, driven by the passion and creativity of their founders. Many of them have been borne out of a desire to contribute to sustainability efforts, and all of them are making substantial strides in their respective fields. Let’s take a closer look at what each of these companies is doing in the realm of energy management.

GFE Sustainable

Founded by Kevin Dwyer, GFE Sustainable is a company that uses its asset base to create products in the realm of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), clean water, and renewable energy, developing its portfolio of intellectual property. They have specialized divisions for clean water, clean energy, agricultural products, and IP Development. Connect with GFE Sustainable on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Co-founded by Eric Smith, Mark J. Morgan, and Will West, Control4 specializes in creating both wired and wireless home automation products in fields like home theater and television, multi-room music, lighting, temperature, and security control. Their products have a wide reach, available in the United States, Canada and internationally, serving various sectors. Follow Control4 on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


With a presence in the energy management field, Vitality is a Salt Lake City company that is doing some exciting work in the energy and database industry. Connect with Vitality on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

Magnum Development

Magnum Development carves out its niche in the energy industry by developing storage caverns for natural gas, compressed air, refined products, helium, and hydrogen, aside from its transportation services and development of portfolio companies in various stages.

US Energy

US Energy stands at the crossroads of energy management and finance. Navigate to their LinkedIn page here.

Turning Point Company

Offering utility bill audit and monitoring, energy management, and engineering services, Turning Point Company also offers power factor correction, refrigeration controls, and more. Visit their LinkedIn page here.

Written by Mark Smith

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