Green Electricity Innovators: Ljubljana’s Forefront of Energy Management Solutions

In the rapidly evolving field of energy management, several forward-thinking companies based in Slovenia’s vibrant capital, Ljubljana, are leading the charge. These firms range from established utilities to innovative startups, each playing a unique role in the growing global commitment to efficient and sustainable energy use. This article will shine a light on several notable Ljubljana-based organizations pioneering advanced practices in energy management and efficiency.

Located in the Ljubljana Urban Commune, these companies not only foster innovation, but they also contribute significantly to the local economy. Read on to learn a little more about each one, what they specialize in, and how their efforts are shaping the future of energy consumption, not just in Slovenia, but on an international stage.

With a common commitment to a more sustainable and efficient energy future, these companies represent the cutting edge of energy management technology. Let us learn more about these companies and the work they do.


Co-founded by Luka Komazec, Resalta leads the way in the clean energy industry, emphasizing energy efficiency and renewable energy solutions. The company prides itself on delivering reliable and innovative solutions in energy services that enhance business competitiveness and reduce the environmental impact. You can learn more about their impressive work on their LinkedIn profile.


Inea is a seasoned player in the industrial automation and energy management industry. Born from the Jozef Stefan Institute, Inea’s purpose is to apply research findings in industrial process control and energy management into practical applications. For more details about the company, visit their LinkedIn page.


PETROL is a leading energy company in Slovenia that offers a plethora of energy-related services, including electricity and a wide range of fuel types. You can learn more about this comprehensive energy provider on their LinkedIn profile and their Facebook page.


Borzen is another noteworthy player in the energy sector, contributing significantly to the industry’s growth and developments, primarily in the areas of energy management and electrical distribution.

Elektro Ljubljana

As a major force in energy efficiency and management, Elektro Ljubljana plays a significant role in infrastructure and power grid projects. Stay updated with their latest strides in these fields through their LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Solvera Lynx

Expert in energy efficiency and management, Solvera Lynx offers innovative solutions that continue to shape the industry. Keep track of their latest projects through their LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.

Written by Mark Smith

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