Helsinki’s Pioneers Shaping the Electric Vehicle Industry Future

Welcome once again to Futurology,home for technology bleeding edge. In this series, we’ll be spotlighting tech innovators in the Electric Vehicle (EV) industry whose roots are in Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland. We explore an array of remarkable companies immersed in this rapidly evolving sector, making significant strides in autonomous vehicles, customer service, electronics, and software. So, whether you’re a tech enthusiast or an active player in EV, you’re exactly where you need to be.

Finland’s EV industry stands as a beacon of technological advancements in a world heavily shifting towards green energy. This radical transformation is thanks to a cohort of revolutionary tech companies that have continuously pushed the boundaries and embraced a future-oriented agenda. Our focus will be on these trailblazers, their innovative solutions, as well as their founders’ insightful visions.

So without further ado, let’s delve into an engaging exploration of these movers and shakers shaping the EV industry in Helsinki.


Founded by David Brown and Esko Kauppinen, Canatu is a versatile tech company committed to breaking frontiers in several industries, including automotive, electronics, and nanotechnology. The company strives to create intuitive user interfaces and 3D touch displays. Their innovative 3D formable and stretchable films and sensors, which can be integrated into various materials, serve unique applications like ADAS sensors. Canatu operates globally, maintaining various sales locations in the US, Europe, China, Japan, and Korea. Discover more on their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Virta, co-founded by Elias Pöyry and Jussi Palola, offers comprehensive and customizable solutions for managing electric vehicle charging services. This innovative player in the EV industry empowers professional charging networks while also helping businesses standout with specialized EV charging services. Check out their platforms on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn for more insights.


Juha Stenberg and Ville Parviainen founded eMabler to propel businesses via customer convenience in eMobility. The company’s API-first platform simplifies complex processes, making electric vehicle operations effortless. They actively engage with customers on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Parking Energy

Launched by Heikki Suonsivu, Parking Energy provides cutting-edge solutions for parking management in the EV industry. Stay tuned with their progress updates on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jani Leirimaa, Hiven offers an innovative platform to manage energy consumption in smart vehicles and appliances. This technology allows EV owners and hardware manufacturers to consume energy in a more economical and eco-friendly manner. Engage with them on LinkedIn for more.

L7 Drive

Created by Pasi Haikola and Pentti Bruun, L7 Drive is a frontline tech company that designs and engineers trailblazing smart energy subsystem technologies. Their poweretrain solutions blend performance, safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. Stay updated on their progress via Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Megawatt offers advanced cargo logistics services using electric autonomous vehicles. Designed for last-mile industrial logistics, their technology spans across multiple domains – from electric motors and visual navigation tech to fleet management software and V2X communication protocols. Check more on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Written by Mark Smith

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