Exploring Noida’s Emerging Leaders in the Indian Electric Vehicle Industry

As the world moves towards renewable energy sources, the electric vehicle (EV) industry has taken off with an upward trajectory in recent years and India has not been left behind. The city of Noida, located in Uttar Pradesh, is now home to numerous pioneering companies operating in the EV industry. This article throws the limelight on these Noida-based trailblazers of the EV industry.

The Indian EV industry’s growth potential is abundantly clear. The demand for EVs is escalating due to the major concerns regarding environmental pollution. EVs powered by renewable energy represent a two-fold benefit: reducing pollution emissions from the transport sector and reducing reliance on non-renewable fossil fuels. In response to this demand, several companies have planted their roots in the fertile ground of Noida.

The following companies are at the forefront of creating an immense paradigm shift in the automotive sector in India, being champions of electric mobility, manufacturing, infrastructure, and related technological advancements. Their contribution stretches beyond just profit-making; it is about driving revolutionary changes towards sustainable and clean transportation.

Corrit Electric

Based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, Corrit Electric is a cutting-edge EV manufacturing company fearlessly exploring the frontiers of the electric vehicle industry. This rising company is capitalizing on the rising demand for EVs not only in India but globally.


Also headquartered in Noida is Enerjazz, a trailblazing company that blends the sectors of battery technology, electric vehicles, and renewable energy. Founded by Ravi Bharihoke, the company provides a battery swapping network for commercial electric vehicles, making batteries more affordable for EV owners.

Volttic EV Charging

Volttic EV Charging, headed by founder Varun Chaturvedi, is an innovator in developing EV charging infrastructure. The company provides both AC & DC fast charging solutions that are integrated with cloud-based backend & public charging app.

AMO Mobility

Started by founders Supriya Shailza and Sushant Kumar, AMO Mobility Solutions is relentlessly committed to providing sustainable electric transport solutions while maintaining cost-effectiveness. This company embodies the essence of sustainable automotive development in India.

WeCharge Technologies Pvt Ltd

WeCharge, founded by Vikram Reddy, has a proactive role in setting up pan-India Electric Vehicle Public Charging Stations. The company also exhibits strong expertise in energy management, charging management and fleet operations.

GoMassive Earth Network

Founders Animesh Srivastava and Shailesh Vickarm Singh have steered GoMassive Earth Network to become the world’s only Investment Network for investing in sustainability-focused startups. The company takes a significant role in shaping the future of Clean Mobility and other clean sectors.

Bestway Agencies

Bestway Agencies is a leading firm selling e-rickshaws under the ELE brand. It is one of the largest and fastest-growing categories of electric vehicles in India, offering sustainable and reliable products.

As the world endeavors to reduce carbon emissions and promote cleaner energy sources, the companies profiled here prove that the future of electric vehicle technology in Noida is not just surviving, but thriving. As India embraces this new sustainable era, Noida is charting its own path towards becoming a hub for electric vehicle technology.

Written by Mark Smith

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