Greenwich Pioneers: Renewable Energy Innovations Reshaping Connecticut’s Futurology

The small town of Greenwich, Connecticut, may not immediately strike one as a hub for renewable energy businesses. However, it is home to several companies that are active in the renewable energy industry, making significant contributions to the world’s transition towards cleaner and sustainable power sources. Operating in sectors ranging from solar power and biogas to energy efficiency and water conservation, these Greenwich-based firms are demonstrating that renewable energy is not only environmentally responsible but also economically viable.

The growing interest in renewable energy is reflected in the diversity of applications explored by these companies. For instance, some specialize in large-scale energy infrastructure projects, while others focus on small-scale solutions for homes and businesses. Despite their differences, all of these companies are united in their commitment to create a sustainable future by harnessing renewable energy sources.

Highlighted in this article are several notable Greenwich-based renewable energy companies; their history, the industries they operate in, and their contributions towards creating a sustainable planet.

Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate

Founded by Eric J. Alini, Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate is a pioneer in the Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) field. The company is leading the way in financing energy efficiency, renewables (solar, wind, geothermal), seismic strengthening, storm protection, and water conservation for commercial real estate. The company’s approach helps make businesses safer, more efficient, and contributes to their social good.

Source Renewables

Source Renewables, founded by Andrew Day, is a clean energy development company specializing in solar PV, energy storage, and hybrid solar projects. Created by Source Structured Finance and ABA Clean Energy, Source Renewables aims to provide a stronger value proposition to asset managers, customers, and the project development community.

Starwood Energy Group Global

Starwood Energy Group is a Greenwich-based private investment firm specializing in energy infrastructure investments. With a focus on the natural gas and renewable power generation, and transmission sectors, Starwood Energy Group has executed transactions with a total enterprise value exceeding $4 billion.

Palm Energy Systems

Founded by Francois Mahu, Jay Kesan, Rajiv Narain, and Rajiv Narain, Palm Energy Systems is dedicated to transforming how green energy is generated and utilized. The company is developing innovative and networked green energy solutions for corporate campuses, residential communities, towns, and cities.

Ch4 Biogas, LLC

CH4 Biogas is a renewable energy company that provides diversified solutions such as renewable energy, nutrient management, odor, and pathogen control, tank construction and more. In addition, the company designs and operates biogas plants, helping to move the world toward a more sustainable future.

Greenwich Energy Solutions

Greenwich Energy Solutions provides energy and environmental consulting mainly in the field of renewable energy. Their clients range from both residential and commercial properties, helping them achieve energy efficiency and reduce their carbon footprint.


Pampa is a company that offers energy-efficient solutions in the renewable energy and waste management sectors. It is committed to providing efficient and highly innovative solutions to meet today’s energy needs without compromising the needs of future generations.

Sound Solar Systems

Founded by Tony Savino, Sound Solar Systems is focused on making residential and commercial properties greener and more energy-efficient. The company offers comprehensive solutions, including solar panel installation and maintenance, that help their clients reduce energy costs and environmental impact.

Written by Mark Smith

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