Adelaide’s Renewable Energy Innovators Leading the Charge in Australia

Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is not only a hub for sports and music, but also a significant center for the Renewable Energy industry. A diverse mix of companies operate in this industry, contributing to the city’s march towards a more sustainable future. These companies range from large corporations to promising startups, each one a key player in the industry, aligning their operations with renewable energy innovations and sustainability principles. The companies detailed here are shaping the future of Adelaide and the wider world.

These companies have chosen Adelaide as their headquarters for a number of reasons, including its progressive government policies regarding renewable energy, its thriving tech startup scene, and its innovative business environment. The city is ideally located to take advantage of the ample sunlight and wind resources available in the region, making it a perfect location for renewable energy companies. In addition to this, Adelaide boasts world-class universities and research institutions, which provide invaluable knowledge and development in the field of renewable energy.

With a range of industries from energy storage to solar power, here are some of the notable companies in Adelaide’s renewable energy sector:

Glaciem Cooling Technologies

Founded by Julian Hudson, Glaciem Cooling Technologies’ focus is to provide sustainable heating and cooling solutions for commercial, industrial refrigeration and HVAC sectors. Part of their services include consulting, engineering, and training. Stay connected with them via their LinkedIn page.

Vintage Energy

Vintage Energy is a company with a mission to address ongoing energy and gas supply issues. The company has secured multiple strategic opportunities for natural gas exploration, with potential for new gas discoveries and early gas production. Follow this link to their Facebook and LinkedIn page for more details.


Founded by Aaron Yew and Raymond Carlaw, Oxamii is a peer-to-peer marketplace enabling businesses to purchase renewable energy from local producers. You can learn more about Oxamii by visiting their LinkedIn page.

Consolidated Power Projects Australia

Consolidated Power Projects Australia is another Adelaide-based company in the renewable energy sector. More details can be found on their LinkedIn page.

SIMEC Energy Australia

SIMEC Energy Australia operates in Electrical Distribution and Renewable Energy sector. Follow their LinkedIn page and Facebook account for updates.


SolarQuotes is a comprehensive platform for independent advice, residential solar systems, engineering consultancy, and various solar tools. Visit their LinkedIn and Facebook page to stay up-to-date.


Another renewable energy company, Waterfind, is also located in Adelaide. You can find further information on their LinkedIn page.

dsquared Consulting

Founded by Deborah Davidson and Paul Davy, dsquared Consulting is another remarkable Adelaide-based company operating in the renewable energy sector. Learn more about them on their LinkedIn and Facebook page.

In conclusion, the Renewable Energy sector in Adelaide is not only diverse but also highly innovative, offering a plethora of opportunities. It continues to expand, largely thanks to the companies listed above. Each company contributes significantly towards a sustainable future for not just Adelaide but the world. Watch these companies closely as they play their part in shaping the future of renewable energy.

Written by Mark Smith

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