Fort Lauderdale’s Pioneering Companies Shaping Future of Oil and Gas Industry

The city of Fort Lauderdale, known for its sunshine, beaches, and tourism, has another crucial dimension to its economic landscape. A number of leading companies spanning the oil and gas industry take pride in calling Fort Lauderdale their home. Each one with its unique focus and contribution to the industry, demonstrating the multifaceted nature of energy production and distribution. This article will offer an in-depth look at these companies, their activities, and what they bring to the thriving industrial epicentre of Fort Lauderdale.

Bearing a rich maritime history, it is no surprise that companies such as these have made Fort Lauderdale their base. Located on the southeastern coast of Florida, the city is advantageously positioned to take part in both national and international markets. The industry’s sprawling reach embraces sectors like agriculture, marine transportation, energy storage, construction, and more.

Dotted around the city, these companies represent a thriving industry, a major employer and a lifeline for the local economy. Let us delve into the profiles of these innovative companies, going beyond the corporate veil to understand the excellence and expertise they bring to Fort Lauderdale’s oil and gas industry.

SEACOR Holdings

SEACOR Holdings is a globally recognized name, engaged in the offshore oil and gas, shipping, and logistics industries. They specialize in marine transportation equipment and logistics services primarily for the U.S. and international energy and agricultural markets. Besides offshore marine, inland river, storage and handling services, they also deal with the distribution of petroleum, chemical and agricultural commodities, and shipping. SEACOR’s commitment to innovation and high safety standards sets it apart. Check them out on Facebook or connect on LinkedIn

Angus Energy

In the realm of Energy, Finance, and Oil and Gas, Angus Energy marks its place. The company details have not been provided, but to learn more about their ventures, you can follow them on Twitter or connect with them via LinkedIn.


With a focus on energy, energy storage, fuel, oil and gas, and renewable energy, Vecenergy helps shape the energy landscape in Fort Lauderdale. More about their operations can be found on their Facebook page and their LinkedIn profile.

Great Dane Petroleum Contractors

Known for its excellence in construction and the oil and gas industry, Great Dane Petroleum Contractors now extends its services to the southeastern states. Providing complete service from concept to completion, they remain a business partner offering expertise in all aspects of engineering, construction, and maintenance services. Get to know more about them through their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Peterson Fuel

Standing tall in delivery, marine transportation, and the oil and gas sector, Peterson Fuel has been delivering high-quality MGO marine diesel fuel round South Florida. They are known for their competitive prices and commitment to clean and safe practices. Connect with them on LinkedIn to stay updated.


With their focus on industrial engineering and the oil and gas industry, SeeSide contributes its expertise to Fort Lauderdale’s industrial sector. Follow them on LinkedIn for more information on their initiatives.


Specializing in energy, fuel, and oil and gas, FuelEnex forms an integral part of the industry landscape in Fort Lauderdale. Check out their Facebook page or connect with them on LinkedIn to learn more.


As a pioneer in clean energy, Fuecotech Inc. offers ingenious engineering solutions to enhance hauling power while reducing fuel consumption and emissions. Products can be applied to new and aftermarket engines powered by liquid fuel. You may follow them on Twitter to stay updated on their latest offerings.

As we have navigated various companies that comprise Fort Lauderdale’s oil and gas industry, we can appreciate the depth and broadness of the industry. It’s not just about digging for oil or pumping gas, but it includes a wide array of associated industries, technologies and services that make Fort Lauderdale a bustling hub for industrial innovation, providing fuel to drive the future.

Written by Mark Smith

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