Exploring Leading Southlake-Based Innovators in the Oil and Gas Sector

Southlake, Texas, United States is home to impressive companies in the Oil and Gas industry operating on the bleeding edge of technology. These innovative companies are steeped in a tradition of forward-thinking and commercial excellence. Breaking new ground in different sectors of the industry, these entities have established themselves as industry leaders and pioneers. This article is part of a series that provides valuable insights into these prominent companies headquartered in Southlake, Texas.

This article sheds light on the background, mission, and accomplishments of these companies, exploring the profound impact they have in the oil and gas sector. Many of these organizations have achieved global reach and recognition, while others are making significant strides within their targeted markets. Let’s dive into the diverse and fast-paced world of the Southlake, Texas oil and gas industry.

Whether they specialize in energy, logistics, transportation, or industrial services, one common thread unites these Southlake enterprises: their pursuit of excellence in the oil and gas domain. Using superior technologies, these companies direct their services to revolutionize standards and improve productivity in the energy sector.

UM Resources

Co-founded by Curtis Ewers, UM Resources is a domestic Energy and Production company. The company’s focus is on identifying, leasing, drilling, and operating oil and gas prospects across Texas and the Appalachian Basin. Connect with them on their Facebook page or their Twitter account.

Andrews Logistics

Established by Brian Jarvis and J Darron Eschle, Andrews Logistics specialises in Logistics for the Oil and Gas industry. For further information, you can follow them on their Facebook page, Twitter account, or LinkedIn profile.

Emerge Energy Services

Emerge Energy Services is a diversified energy services company with a growth-oriented approach. Their operations are strategically located to provide access to major resource plays in North America, and major fuel markets of Dallas/Fort Worth and Birmingham, AL.


Operating publicly on the OTCPINK marketplace, HKN is a Delaware-incorporated company with its corporate offices in Southlake. For the latest news and updates, visit their website.

Balanced Energy

The brainchild of founder Kirk Johnson, Balanced Energy focuses on exploring, developing, and producing oil and gas. Operating since 2006, the company has maintained a significant LinkedIn presence which can be visited here.

Silver Tusk Oil

Silver Tusk Oil Company operates as an independent producer of oil and gas. They specialize in oil and gas drilling and development. You can follow them on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

Kimark Control Solutions

Kimark Control Solutions offers a comprehensive range of services including technical installs for burner management systems, smart flares, and combustors. You can connect with them through their LinkedIn profile.

Rangeford Resources

Specializing in the purchase, development, and operation of oil and gas leases, Rangeford Resources, Inc. is another noteworthy company.


EcoStream rounds out our list. Keep up with them by checking their LinkedIn profile.

In conclusion, these companies not only play a pivotal role in the oil and gas industry but also make significant contributions towards technological advancements in their respective fields. Each unique in their operations, they collectively embody the forward-thinking spirit, entrepreneurial drive, and commitment to excellence that Southlake, Texas is known for in the oil and gas industry.

Written by Mark Smith

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