Exploring Sydney’s Top Precious Metals Innovators in Futuristic Technology


The precious metals industry continues to be a significant contributor to Australia’s economy, particularly in New South Wales, where several leaders in this domain have set up their headquarters. Traditionally associated with mining, some of these innovative companies are embracing technology to drive efficiencies, whilst others are exploring new mediums to trade in precious metals. Here are ten companies with their headquarters in Sydney, New South Wales, who are leading the way in the precious metals industry.

We begin with Adavale Resources, a mineral and precious metals company located in North Sydney. While the founders of the company remain unnamed, Adavale Resources is well-established and contributes significantly to the mining industry within the country. It operates within the broad framework of mineral and precious metal exploration and extraction.

Next up is CBH Resources, a company specializing in mining precious metals. With over a decade of operational experience, CBH Resources continue to refine their mining techniques to maximize production. Connect with the team on their LinkedIn page for more updates.

Adavale Resources

CBH Resources

Dateline Resources

Dateline Resources is another prominent North Sydney-based company engaged in mining precious metals. Despite the absence of available information about its founders, Dateline Resources distinguishes itself through its innovative technologies designed to improve mining efficiency. Their regular updates can be accessed on their official LinkedIn and Twitter pages.

Heron Resources Limited

Co-founded by Ian Buchhorn and based out of Sydney, Heron Resources Limited explores and develops base and precious metal deposits in Australia. Its flagship project, the Woodlawn zinc-copper project, is located to the southwest of Sydney in New South Wales. They can be reached through their LinkedIn page.

Aguia Resources

Aguia Resources Limited, a fertilizer company, is engaged with the resources sector exploring for resource projects. Their primary projects – Lucena Phosphate Project and Rio Grande Project, focus on the exploration and development of phosphates. Stay updated through their Twitter handle.

Kingsgate Consolidated

Kingsgate Consolidated is an exploration company that mines gold. Their endeavours involve the extraction of precious metals, and can be followed on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Thomson Resources

Thomson Resources is a precious metal mining exploration company. Through their project, they have the potential for acquiring gold, copper, zinc, and structurally controlled huge sulfide deposits. For updates, visit their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Benjamin Heath Cooper, MetalBank builds its stronghold in mineral exploration and development. Their strategy revolves around creating shareholder value and they can be reached through their LinkedIn page.

VT Markets

Based out of Sydney, VT Markets is engaged in e-commerce involving precious metals and provides stock exchange and transaction processing services. They can be contacted via their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Glencore Australia

Glencore Australia is a natural resource company that mines and imports coal, copper, lead-zinc, and nickel-cobalt products. Connect with them on their Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn pages.


Based out of Sydney, FairMarkets provides cryptocurrency, financial exchange services, and trading platforms for precious metals. They can be reached for updates via their LinkedIn page.

In conclusion, these companies represent the dynamic nature of the precious metals industry in Sydney, New South Wales. While some have roots in traditional mining, others are integrating technology and digital platforms into their operations. All of them, however, are dedicated to harnessing Australia’s rich mineral resources to drive both growth and sustainability.


Written by Mark Smith

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