Exploring Oil and Gas Innovators Headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming

Sheridan, Wyoming is fast-becoming the hub of groundbreaking companies in Oil and Gas Industry. By coupling traditional energy sources with innovative technologies, these companies offer solutions that are shaping the future of the sector. In this installment of our series, we’re highlighting some of the companies that continue to make their mark in this industry and are headquartered in Sheridan, Wyoming.

The Oil and Gas industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation as it adapts to new technologies and environmental concerns. The following companies have positioned themselves at the forefront of this revolution, introducing innovative solutions in Oil and Gas and related industries such as Energy Management, Water, Civil engineering and more, while headquartered in the charming city of Sheridan, Wyoming.

From Energy Management to Project Management, these trailblazing firms have shown an advanced understanding of the shifting landscape and a commitment to driving progress. Get to know the companies leading the charge:

Inductance Energy

Inductance Energy pushes the boundaries of the applied science of magnetic propulsion in oil and energy management. Founded in 2017, their transformative technologies offer unique solutions within the real estate and oil and gas sectors.
Find out more about Inductance Energy on their Facebook page or get the latest updates via their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

609 Consulting

As a leader in Civil Engineering, Consulting, Geospatial Industry, Project Management and Water Industry, 609 Consulting offers an array of expertise and services. Keep up with their latest projects on Facebook and their LinkedIn page.

Next Fuel

Next Fuel champions clean energy innovations while simultaneously increasing the efficiency of oil and natural gas resource operations. Their portfolio of forward-leaning technologies work to eliminate carbon footprints and address the pressing need to treat produced water and frack flow-backwaters in the oil and gas industry.

EMIT Technologies

EMIT Technologies solidifies its standing in the Energy, Oil and Gas industry with its portfolio of Professional Services. Keep track of their strides on their Facebook or LinkedIn or follow them on Twitter for updates.

Primary Vision Network

Providing market intelligence and predictive insights and analytics, Primary Vision Network is a trusted resource for operators and investors alike in the Oil and Gas industry. By leveraging Analytics, Information technology, and Logistics, they present a unique “well to wheel” perspective. Check out their Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for updates and access to their invaluable data and deep dive industry reports.

Exaro Energy

Exaro Energy is a primary service provider in the Energy and Oil & Gas industry. Their expertise lies in product optimization and operation, horizontal development, shale technology, and casing drilling. Learn more about Exaro Energy by visiting their LinkedIn page.

Written by Mark Smith

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