Exploring Solar Innovations in The Hague’s Leading Dutch Technology Companies

As we maneuver our way through the 21st century, the importance of renewable energy sources is coming into sharper focus. The solar industry in particular is seeing tremendous growth, with advancements in technology redefining its potential. The city of The Hague, in South Holland, is one such region that is fostering this growth, largely due to its burgeoning list of companies operating in the solar sector. Here, we turn the spotlight on these companies, shedding light on their operations, technologies, and contributions to the renewable energy landscape.

The Hague’s sunny disposition thankfully extends beyond its climate. It is home to a host of innovative solar companies, with the city fostering a progressive environment for businesses dedicated to sustainable solutions. From manufacturing to renewable energy associations, the companies here are diverse but united in their commitment to fostering a sustainable future. Let’s explore a few of these companies and understand their contributions to the solar industry.

With cutting-edge technology, robust R&D, and a deep commitment to sustainability, these companies are leading the charge in solar. While they are diverse in their specialties – from manufacturing to testing and more – they are all contributing to the broader narrative of renewable energy. They are innovators, disruptors, and architects of a cleaner, more sustainable future.


Founded by Jan-Jaap Van Os, Exasun is an innovative Dutch SolarPV manufacturer that produces Glass-Glass solar panels with high efficiency and long life. It has advanced its production line in close cooperation with established suppliers and Dutch machine builders. Beyond their standout Black Glass panel, they produce modules with specialised dimensions designed to integrate with buildings seamlessly. Find them on LinkedIn.

Eternalsun Spire

Started by entrepreneurs Chokri Mousaoui and Stefan Rust, Eternalsun Spire offers innovative solar simulators for PV module testing. The company tailors its solutions to client requirements ensuring superior quality and practical use. The systems are used across industries to test the efficiency of solar panels, durability of paints, and research into bioenergy alternatives. Connect with them on LinkedIn and Twitter.

European Climate Foundation

The European Climate Foundation is an association committed to energy transformation with an emphasis on renewable energy and solar.


GreenFox is creating efficient lighting solutions that result in energy savings, lower CO2 emissions and cost efficiencies. This is achieved through smart fluorescent and LED solutions. GreenFox works in collaboration with over twenty sheltered workplaces in 25 municipalities. Connect with them on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Solar Green Point

Solar Green Point believes in collective financing for generating solar energy, which is technically and economically more sound. The company focuses on shared solar power generation, fitting in well with the current trend towards collective services. Solar Green Point can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

The Next Green Thing

Located in The Hague, The Next Green Thing operates in the clean energy, industrial design, and solar sectors.

Written by Mark Smith

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