Delft-Based Innovators Transforming Solar Technology Landscape in Netherlands

Today, we will embark on a journey throw light on some of the compelling and innovative Solar Industry companies in Delft, Netherlands. Delft, known for its historic town centre, university, and blue pottery, is also home to forward-thinking companies working towards creating alternative sources of energy. The list of companies provided are driving progress and innovation in the world of Solar energy.

These corporations are employing modern technology and innovative strategies to advance and promote the use of renewable energy sources. They have identified the potential of the solar industry in creating a sustainable future and are working tirelessly to exploit this potential to the maximum.

In this article, we will provide insights into the operations of these companies as well as how they are contributing towards creating a sustainable future through their revolutionary technologies and innovations in Solar industry.


Founded by a team of extinguished professionals, Whiffle is an organization that offers services for weather forecasts, wind energy, and solar power. Their mission is to create a better understanding and utilization of the weather, helping industries that depend on weather patterns. Their focus on solar and wind energy underpins a commitment to renewable energy and sustainability. Find Whiffle on LinkedIn.


Co-founded by two entrepreneurs Sam Kin and Stan de Ridder, Wellsun has developed the Lumiduct which is a dream come true for energy-producing buildings. The Lumiduct makes it possible for full glass facades to generate more energy than closed walls completely covered with traditional solar panels. Track their latest developments on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Sam Kin and Sander ten Kate, SolarSwing is a company that develops transparent solar shading. They provide interior solutions as well as integrated solutions for glass roofs and facades. Their products strongly decrease the energy consumption of any building while creating a healthy and productive working environment. For more information about the company, visit their LinkedIn page.


Supersola is making immense contribution in the solar industry by providing plug-and-play solar panels that are movable and can be placed anywhere. Their solar panel is a ready-to-use product. In this way, generating solar energy has become accessible and simple. Learn more about their endeavor on Facebook and LinkedIn.

FlexSol Solutions

Co-founded by Lennert van den Berg, FlexSol Solutions is a pioneer in the field of highly efficient curved solar (PV) panels, and products in which these panels are integrated. FlexSol also builds dedicated electronics for (off-grid) solar systems, such as battery management systems, maximum power point trackers and telecommunication devices. Keep track of their latest innovations on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

Delft Spectral Technologies

Delft Spectral Technologies is an another remarkable player in the solar industry operating in Delft. The company is making valuable contributions towards advancing solar technologies and promoting the adoption of renewable energy. You can follow their latest developments on their LinkedIn page.

While there are numerous companies that deserve a mention, these specific companies are playing a significant role in shaping the future of the solar industry in Delft, Netherlands. Their cutting-edge technologies and innovative strategies have put them on the forefront of the renewable energy revolution, positioning them as key players in the future sustainability of our planet.

Written by Mark Smith

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