Exploring Nanotechnology Innovations: Spotlight on Kitchener, Ontario-Based Companies

Kitchener, Ontario, Canada is swiftly becoming a hotbed for promising and pioneering nanotechnology companies. These enterprises are capitalizing on the manipulation and utilization of matter on the atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scales to decode and redefine the world around us. With potential applications in medicine, electronics, biomaterials, and energy production, the range and scope of their banners are endless, yet each aligns in their passion for what lies beneath the surface, and the future this microscopic science can shape.

From advanced materials and automotive nanotechnology, to clean tech, healthcare, lifestyle, beauty, and even fertility treatments, these companies form a diverse yet focused conglomerate, each serving their niche with industry-leading technology breakthroughs. Their collective front is ushering in a response to global changes and common environmental challenges in ways only seen in science fiction movies before now.

The following companies operate in various nanotechnology sectors, yet all have found a home in Kitchener, Ontario. They stand as testament not just to the exceedingly adaptable application of nanotechnology, but also to the futuristic, technological prowess of Kitchener.


Founded by Abhinay Kondamreddy, Chong Shen, Cory Lee, and Khanjan Desai, Alchemy occupies a niche within the Advanced Materials, Automotive, and Nanotechnology arenas. They believe in improving and preserving lives by empowering vehicle safety systems to function reliably in all climates and road conditions. Developing and commercializing nanocoatings to keep sensor systems safe from critical damage and vision loss is their forte. You can learn more about Alchemy here.


Zac Young spearheads one of the most diverse companies in this list, fronting expertise in Advanced Materials, CleanTech, Environmental Engineering, and more. H2nanO offers sunlight-activated water treatment and emissions reduction technology that eliminates electricity, chemicals, and waste from the treatment process. Check them out on Facebook here and on LinkedIn here.


Suncayr is a product-driven company created by Andrew Martinko, Chad Sweeting, Derek Jouppi, and Rachel Pautler. Their standout product, SPOT, is a colour changing sticker that alerts sunscreen users about UV exposure. Check out their Facebook page here and their LinkedIn Profile here.


Karolyn Mackowiak, Noah Debrincat, and Thomas Dunlop developed Zergo, a company focusing on health diagnostics. Using nanotechnology they are pioneering an in vitro health diagnostic. Their first product is a urine test developed to aid people wanting to conceive. Their LinkedIn profile can be found here.


NanoQuan, co-founded by Chitral Angammana and Ryan Gerakopulos, involves itself in Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, and Real Estate. Their LinkedIn profile can be accessed here.

Angstrom Engineering

Industrial giants, Angstrom Engineering, operate in the Industrial, Manufacturing, and Nanotechnology sectors. They can be found on Facebook here and on LinkedIn here.


NanoVec operates within the Cosmetics, Manufacturing, Nanotechnology, and Pharmaceutical industries, developing and manufacturing active ingredients for cosmetic and dermo pharmaceutical businesses.

Written by Mark Smith

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