Barcelona-Based Nanotech Innovators Shaping Catalonia’s Bleeding Edge Tech Scene

The vibrant city of Barcelona, Catalonia serves as a flourishing hub for technological innovation in Spain. The city is particularly renowned for its thriving ecosystem of nanotechnology businesses. This article will focus on several notable companies that are making significant strides within this burgeoning industry. Each company is contributing to the ongoing advancements within the field of nanotechnology, employing elements of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, and cosmetic applications.

Nanotechnology is an area that manipulates structures and properties at the nanoscale level, typically involving dimensions less than 100 nanometers. This often focuses on the development of materials with enhanced features such as conductivity or strength. It holds great promise for innovation across diverse industries, from electronics manufacturing to healthcare.

The following companies based in Barcelona, Catalonia are a testament to the thriving innovation landscape in this region. Each company’s unique approach to nanotechnology represents a critical pieceto answer current challenges.


Where biotechnology, nanotechnology, and pharmacy collide, one will find Nanoligent. Born from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and Institut de Recerca de l’Hospital de la Santa Creu I Sant Pau, this biotech company is dedicated to designing and developing targeted-therapeutic biologics meant to improve the lives of patients through medicines that selectively target the cells affected by disease.

Advanced Nanotechnologies

Advanced Nanotechnologies was founded by Antonio Onteniente and is devoted to providing high-quality materials and surface applications based on nanotechnology. The company supports R&D projects by developing specific processes and equipment for a wide range of applications. Visit their Facebook or LinkedIn to learn more.

Pump it Nanotech

Founded by Andreu Enfedaque-Pedros, Pump it Nanotech S.L is a Start-Up born from the Pump it project. This project was a response to the challenge presented by SENER, regarding the troublesome behaviour of bubbles in microfluidic devices in microgravity, during the 5th Ideas Generation Program: Aeroespacial Technologies from UAB (PRUAB).

Advancell Advanced In Vitro Cell Technologies

Advancell Advanced In Vitro Cell Technologies S.L. is a biotech nanomedicine company that was founded in 2001. The company takes part in the development of drugs through the search for new applications for already-known molecules, services, and reagents. It also offers research services; safety assessment of cosmetic raw materials and finished products; and much more. Follow them on Twitter for updates.


Founded by Saimai Cunvong, SeriTech is an innovative health and skin care company that specializes in Engineered Silk Technology. This technology is designed to optimize the properties of silk for various applications in healthcare, cosmetics, nanotechnology, and pharmaceuticals. Stay connected on their Facebook or LinkedIn profile.

Endor Nanotechnologies

Established in 2007, Endor Nanotechnologies was an spin-off of the Instituto Catalán de Nanotecnología. The company’s research has resulted in patents, doctoral theses, publications, books, congresses, and international awards. Check out their Facebook page or LinkedIn profile to stay updated.

Applied Nanoparticles

Applied Nanoparticles is aimed at providing the most commonly used nanoparticles at reasonable costs and in ample quantities intended for in vivo and ecotoxicity studies as well as in nanoenabled product development. Derived from years of research and knowledge in inorganic nanoparticle synthesis, the company provides customized solutions based on customer needs. Follow them on Twitter for latest news.

Written by Mark Smith

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