Exploring Mandaluyong’s Innovative Leaders in Philippine Mining Technology

Mining is a backbone industry in many economies, and in the Philippines, it plays a significant role in the national growth story. Mandaluyong, Cavite, is home to several firms that are innovating and pushing boundaries within the sector. From traditional to clean energy miners, here we take a closer look at some leading Mining companies operating in this dynamic locale.

Le Price

Specialising in industrial mining and technical support, Le Price is a key player in the sector. The firm is located in Mandaluyong, Cavite, and continues to expand its operations while ensuring the highest standards of safety and sustainability. More information about Le Price can be found on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.

PXP Energy

PXP Energy is a local enterprise that has made its presence felt not only in the Philippines but also in international markets, with interests in various petroleum service contracts held in Philippines and Peru. You can find more about PXP Energy on their Facebook page.

Philex Mining Corp

A crucial part of the mining sector in Mandaluyong, Cavite, Philex Mining Corp exploits mineral resources to produce copper, gold, and silver concentrate. Furthermore, they operate in coal operations and oil and natural gas businesses, reinforcing their significant role in the energy sector.

The Philodrill Corporation

The Philodrill Corporation is a diversified company with a primary focus on petroleum exploration and production. The company successfully operates three marginal fields located off Northwest Palawan and possesses other exploration contracts that cover the more prospective areas of the country.

Geograce Resources Philippines

Concentrating their efforts within mining and precious metals, Geograce Resources Philippines is an up-and-coming leader in the industry. The company is committed to social and environmental responsibility, ensuring beneficial impact on local communities.

Nihao Mineral Resources International

Nihao Mineral Resources International is a company engaged in the mining, oil and gas, and property development sectors. The company is committed to sustainable development and uses responsible methods to mine and develop properties.

Dizon Copper-Silver Mines

Operating in Mandaluyong, Cavite, Dizon Copper-Silver Mines is known for its operations in leasing, mining, and property management. The company continues to bolster its activities, keeping community development and ecological conservation at the forefront.

United Paragon

Known for exploring the precious metal sector, United Paragon is pursuing various initiatives to finance the rehabilitation and further development of their mine. Learn more about their exploration activities on their Facebook page.

Written by Mark Smith

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