Ankara’s Leading Innovators in Future Mining Technology Solutions Unveiled

Turkey has emerged as a major player in several industries, notably in mining technology, manufacturing, data mining, and e-commerce sectors. This article focuses on exemplary companies headquartered in the region of Ankara, Ankara, Turkey. These industrial pioneers are making impressive strides in their respective fields, implementing innovative strategies and technological advancements to power their operations and influence global markets.

What makes these companies stand out is their commitment to harnessing the recent technological innovations to advance their operations. From business intelligence, e-commerce platforms, IoT, consultancy services, to renewable energy and real estate, they never cease to anticipate the future, adapt, and deliver cutting-edge solutions. Consequently, they not only enjoy an optimal market position, but also contribute significantly to Turkey’s national economic growth and global standing.

Let’s explore these companies in more detail.

ihale teknolojileri a.s.

Co-founded by Levent Burak Eribol and Oktay Öztürk, ihale teknolojileri a.s. is a company that provides smart purchasing and marketing solutions. They major in business intelligence, data mining, e-commerce, procurement, and SaaS. With their E-Tender, E-Purchasing, and E-Order infrastructures, ihale teknolojileri provides the information required to grow businesses. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Founded by Ali Çağatay Kuru, Barış Kaya, Burak Kantarcı, and Sarp Bilecen, Seyisco specialises in IoT based Local Government/Municipality Data Analysis Systems. This entails mainly automating public works functions like road damage detection and maintenance reporting.

Mining Turkey Magazine

The Mining Turkey Magazine is a platform that caters to the information need of miners in Turkey. They offer news content and articles on the mining industry from exploration to production, and other business lines serving mineral prospectors and producers.Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


DORCE is a company that operates in the construction, manufacturing, mining and renewable energy sectors.Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

Ocean RMC

Ocean is an innovative company that provides solutions for efficient recycling and refining of electronic scraps and catalytic converters to recover the contained metals. They sell and buy mining chemicals and raw materials for the process.


Start-up Neozeka, co-founded by Bora Yuzer and Gorkem Ogut, is revolutionizing the field of real estate technology. It utilizes automated property valuation, asset management, and evaluation process management to offer innovative solutions.Facebook

Koza Altin Islemeleri A S

Specializing in the mining of precious metals, Koza Altin Islemeleri A S in the Turkish Mining Industry has carved a niche for itself.Linkedin

Founded by Onur AYDIN, is a virtual platform that provides information about both private and public institutions, mining exploration and production in Turkey.Twitter | Linkedin | Facebook


Erkom is a benchmark company in construction, machinery manufacturing, and mining sectors.Facebook | Linkedin

Akfen Holding

Founded by Hamdi Akın, >Akfen Holding has established superiority in construction, infrastructure, mining, real estate, and renewable energy. They are global leaders with their innovative work practices.Twitter | Linkedin | Facebook

Galata Madencilik San. ve Tic. Ltd

Galata Madencilik San. ve Tic. Ltd operates chromite mines and holds exploration licenses for gold and copper mineralisation.

Written by Mark Smith

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