Exploring Boston’s Pioneering Innovations in the GreenTech Industry Landscape

The GreenTech industry is rapidly growing, particularly in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The industry is transforming traditional sectors such as agriculture, transportation, and energy to be more sustainable and conducive to the preservation of our natural resources. Below are some of the companies in Boston that are leading the way in the greentech revolution.

These Boston-based GreenTech companies span across various industries – from agriculture to e-commerce and energy – but are all united in their dedication towards making a significant impact in the world. They are simultaneously driving economic growth and protecting the environment. Each company has its unique approach, but all are dedicated to the cause of promoting sustainability and environmental consciousness.

The potential for making significant strides towards a more sustainable future lies with these and other GreenTech companies. Invested in innovation and committed to change, these organizations showcase the future of eco-friendly advancements.


Indigo, founded by David Berry, Geoffrey von Maltzahn, Ignacio Martinez, and Noubar Afeyan, harnesses nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet. Indigo focuses on the microbes that have evolved in conjunction with plants over billions of years to optimize their health and maximize their productivity. They serve the needs of both farmers and consumers in the realm of agriculture and AgTech by enhancing growers’ profitability while increasing our capacity to feed a growing population. You can follow Indigo’s progress at their website and their social media pages:
@Indigoag on Twitter, and


Bevi, founded by Eliza Becton, Frank Lee, and Sean Grundy, develops a smart water dispenser that provides customizable flavors made from filtered tap water and natural ingredients. Aiming to eliminate the waste from bottled beverages, Bevi envisions a future where a smarter platform (powered by the municipal water supply) transforms how beverages are delivered. For updates, follow Bevi on their website and their social media pages:
@getbevi on Twitter, and


OnePak, co-founded by Chuck and Steve Andon, helps organizations manage return, reverse and circular economy logistics with its integrated ESG-driven platform. The team at OnePak enables precision carbon-neutral logistics at scale. Stay connected with OnePak on their website or via
Facebook and

Green Century Capital Management

Green Century Capital Management pushes for a greener future in the financial services sector. The firm encourages companies to consider the environment through its advice and funding platform. Follow Green Century Capital Management on their website or through
@green__century on Twitter and

Cleantech Open Northeast

The Cleantech Open Northeast offers an accelerator program for startups in Boston. It aims to increase the presence and impact of cleantech businesses in northeastern America through fostering innovation and providing opportunities for networking and growth. For updates, follow Cleantech Open Northeast at
their website,
and @CleantechOpenNE on Twitter.

bGreen Lifestyle + Building

bGreen Lifestyle + Building, co-founded by Barry Greenstein and Lee Schneider, provides environmentally friendly products for construction and renovation. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, you can learn more about bGreen Lifestyle + Building on their website and
@bgreenstore on Twitter.


Points4Green, a company in the GreenTech industry, offers a unique loyalty program that rewards environmentally-conscious shoppers. In addition to cash-back rewards, Points4Green also buys and issues CO2 credits, contributing directly towards the mitigation of climate change. Stay updated with Points4Green on their website.

Written by Mark Smith

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