Cambridge’s GreenTech Innovators: Leading Sustainable Technology Revolution in America


The burgeoning GreenTech industry is being rapidly transformed by forward-thinking companies who have made it their mission to minimize our environmental footprint and promote sustainable growth. Based in the heart of Cambridge, Massachusetts, these ventures are trailblazing the path towards a green future, powered by innovative technology. This article spotlights several companies leading the charge, introducing their work, and the entrepreneurial minds behind them.

Cambridge, Massachusetts is no stranger to technological innovation – home to MIT, Harvard, and a plethora of world-renowned technology companies. Its robust innovation ecosystem is remarkable, fostering a productive environment for GreenTech start-ups. Let’s explore some of these companies, their mission, and product offerings, who are using technology to redefine sustainability.

These startups have been carefully chosen based on their cutting-edge solutions, mission, potential impact, and commitment to sustainable practices. Each of them has its unique footprint and adds a different flavor to the GreenTech landscape. Read on to learn more about these exciting companies based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Industry: Consumer Electronics, GreenTech, Hardware, Internet of Things, Smart Home, Software, Speech Recognition

Founders: Christopher Micali, Mike Phillips, Ryan Houlette

Sense specializes in developing and distributing tracking devices and home automation solutions. Their home monitoring system, Sense, listens to the electronic signatures of electrical devices and then applies multi-domain device signature detection algorithms to distinguish one appliance from another. This innovative company was founded by Ryan Houlette, Christopher Micali, and Mike Phillips in 2013. Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter


Industry: AgTech, Animal Feed, Farming, GreenTech, Livestock

Founders: Jason Prapas

FYTO is revolutionizing the agriculture sector with its sustainable solutions aimed at improving the economic and environmental sustainability. The company’s novel offerings including nutrient-dense crops with ultra-high yields and ultra-low resource requirements, cultivation and harvesting systems, climate-friendly methodologies, along with proteins and biofertilizers. LinkedIn


Industry: GreenTech, Industrial

Founders: Christophe Adam

Osmoses is impacting the GreenTech industry by engaging in decarbonizing gas separations. Their mission is to eliminate one gigaton of carbon emissions per year. LinkedIn


Industry: Apps, Automotive, GreenTech, Mobile Apps, Public Transportation, Software

Founders: Seth Riney

PlanetTran offers a green transportation alternative providing individuals and organizations with scheduled car service in hybrid cars. Facebook | Twitter

Divya Energy

Industry: GreenTech, Internet, Solar

Founders: Anup Bhagat

Divya Energy provides a solar web platform allowing end-users to select the best local solar installation projects. Their platform promotes competition among local installers ensuring customers get the best fit. Twitter


Industry: Analytics, Clean Energy, GreenTech, Internet, Skill Assessment

Founders: Alexander Wissner-Gross, Timothy Sullivan

CO2Stats offers a unique tool to website owners to understand and manage their carbon footprint. They calculate the greenhouse gas emissions associated with site usage and purchase Green-E certified Renewable Energy Certificates to offset the site’s CO2 footprint. Twitter


Industry: Biotechnology, GreenTech, Waste Management

17Cicada has created a novel bacterial platform that converts waste into building blocks for polymers, textiles, cosmetics, and other products. Their eco-friendly and highly efficient technology converts CO2 and waste into high-value products. LinkedIn

Written by Mark Smith

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