Dublin’s Pioneering GreenTech Industry: Sustainability Innovations from Ireland’s Tech Titans

Welcome to the latest edition of our series, spotlighting green-tech industry powerhouses in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. In a city teeming with technology and innovation, several pioneering companies are making waves in the green-tech sector. These companies are at the forefront of providing sustainable solutions, ensuring the path to a cleaner future is not just a dream but a reality. Let’s delve into the unique contributions and the cutting-edge solutions these companies are creating.

The green-tech industry covers a vast landscape of technologies and solutions aimed at reducing the negative environmental impact of human activities. From harnessing renewable energy sources and reducing waste to promoting sustainability in various sectors, these companies are the embodiment of innovation and environmental stewardship.

In this article, we highlight eight green-tech companies that showcase the industry’s range and potential. All based in Dublin, these companies are pioneers in their respective sectors, creatively using technology to enhance sustainability and positively impact the environment.

Fusion Fuel

Founded by Joao Wahnon and Pedro Cunha, Fusion Fuel operates at the leading edge of the green hydrogen industry. Their mission is to create sustainable, affordable clean energy to accelerate the transition to green energy globally.

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Evolution Environmental Services

Evolution Environmental Services, headed by Michael O’Dwyer, has been providing environmental management solutions to clients in the public and private sector since 2010. By focusing on delivering sustainable solutions for water, waste, and environmental health, they aim to provide top-tier environmental management solutions.

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Founded by Hans Bernhoff and Mats Leijon, Seabased is harnessing the untapped power of the ocean. They design and maintain utility-scale power parks that use wave energy as fuel. Seabased aims to determine the best renewable mix for given areas and develop the technology needed to utilise ocean energy.

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Native Events

Native Events is a sustainable event production company. Their mission is to help events transition towards real sustainability. They offer a comprehensive range of services and solutions, backed by a team of event professionals, solar technicians, environmental specialists, and creative experts.

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Carbon Decisions

Lucio Pedroni founded Carbon Decisions to provide support and governance to activities that generate carbon credits. Their aim is to foster partnerships between investors, individuals, and project developers in developing countries. Carbon Decisions brings high-quality projects with long-term environmental and social co-benefits to investors looking to offset their carbon footprint.

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Panda is a leader in the greentech, recycling, and waste management sector in Dublin. They are known for their comprehensive waste management services designed to help customers stay green and sustainable.

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Greenstreets operates within the energy and waste management sectors. They offer an array of services to consumers and businesses, providing versatile and effective solutions to waste management challenges.

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Biosystems Engineering

Biosystems Engineering Ltd. provides specialist services and research capabilities to the renewable energy, biomass, biofuel, and environmental protection sectors. They focus on novel and innovative solutions for existing problems in these sectors, having made significant contributions since their inception in 1999.

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These Dublin-based companies are embracing the ethos of green technology and are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in their fields. By delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, and developing infrastructure and processes to reduce the carbon footprint, these businesses showcase the potential of the green tech industry. We eagerly anticipate the further innovations these pioneering companies will bring to the industry, the environment, and our future.

Written by Mark Smith

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