Atlanta’s Pioneers: GreenTech Industry Innovators Spearheading Sustainable Solutions

Welcome to another installment of our series focusing on the dynamo companies operating in the GreenTech industry, specifically based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The GreenTech industry is marked by innovative companies striving to tackle pressing environmental issues through technology. Atlanta, a green city in its own right, has incubated a significant number of these ventures. In this article, we are featuring eight promising companies, discussing their origin, mission, achievements, and their commitment to making the planet a greener, more sustainable place to live. Let’s explore these exceptional companies that have made crucial contributions to GreenTech.


Founded by Alex Nussey, Jared Duncan, and Ryan Babaie, Wattch is an Atlanta-based firm specialising in renewable energy, sustainability, and greentech. They provide scalable energy data analytics platforms that empower renewable energy systems with greater visibility and control. Bringing intelligence and observability to sustainable energy, Wattch marks a significant stride towards smarter, sustainable solutions. Connect with Wattch on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Field Complete

Field Complete is a startup making substantial strides within the Greentech, real estate, and software industries. Founders Roman Rusev, Tim Tesluck, and Vlad Rymarev birthed Field Complete to meet the growing needs of service providers amidst the digital transition – particularly within clean energy, construction, and enterprise software. Further information on their initiatives can be found on their Facebook page and LinkedIn profile.


Joulea forges a path toward sustainability in the real estate industry by shrinking carbon emissions. It exceeds industry standards on energy efficiency, revolutionising real estate portfolios with its innovative technology. Supplement your knowledge of the Joulea mission by visiting their LinkedIn page.


Pioneers in sustainable energy management, JouleX, provide key solutions for energy consumption in the commercial sector. Founded by Josef Brunner and Rene Seeber, JouleX’s signature product – The JouleX Energy Manager (JEM), presents comprehensive control over energy usage across multiple platforms without necessitating any changes to the existing network or security. Learn more from their Twitter account and LinkedIn profile.

Pertinent Animal Health

Striving for a pesticide-free world, Pertinent Animal Health offers natural pest control alternatives ushering a significant departure from the conventional approach of relying on chemical pesticides. Committed to green technology, this firm contributes valuably to the health care, pet, and GreenTech industries. Give them a lookup on LinkedIn to learn more about their mission.


Founders Christien Louviere, Edwin Marty, and Myron Washington conceived Stroho as a platform for homeowners to purchase necessary household items easily and sustainably. Striving to create a culture of sustainable living, Stroho serves the clean energy, e-commerce, GreenTech realms by subscription-based business model. Follow their strides towards sustainable living on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Green Building Chronicle

The Green Building Chronicle aims to empower Atlanta’s green development community by fostering access to solid information. The platform shares their own articles, videos, and social media content, and invites community members to share their information. They also partner with green building leaders to enhance their online presence. Stay updated with them on Twitter.

i-Linc Technologies

i-Linc Technologies delivers turn-key scalable telemetry and Internet infrastructure solutions. They specialise in providing real-time, web-based solutions for agriculture, Turfgrass, and rural communities – assisting with water, energy, and resource control. Get in the loop with i-Linc on Twitter.

Each of these companies represents an aspect of the dynamic and innovative essence of GreenTech. Through their persistent pursuit of sustainable solutions, they exemplify the power of technology to drive critical environmental change in their individual arenas. We look forward to following their continuous growth and impact on the GreenTech industry. Stay tuned for future articles for more on Atlanta-based GreenTech companies.

Written by Mark Smith

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