Zug-Based Innovators Revolutionizing Switzerland’s Oil and Gas Industry

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Switzerland, specifically Zug, Zug, has long been known as a hotspot for ambitious, forward-looking companies in the Oil and Gas industry. Situated in an idyllic landscape, these companies use the country’s natural resources and strategic location to create innovative solutions that benefit the energy sector worldwide. In this edition of our Futurology series, we highlight some of these enterprises that are making significant advancements in the energy industry.

The companies we discuss today, which range in scope from oil to renewable resources, play a crucial role in shaping the world’s evolving energy landscape. Moreover, they are proving that Zug is not just a beautiful place to live, it’s also a thriving environment for cutting-edge energy technologies.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these pioneering entities and the impressive work they have been championing in the oil, gas, and energy sectors:

MET Group

MET Group, co-founded by Benjamin Lakatos, serves as an integrated energy company with a solid focus on natural gas, power, and oil. The multi-commodity wholesale, trading, and sales company has established a strong presence in the energy infrastructure and industrial assets sectors. More about MET Group can be found on its LinkedIn page.

AOT Energy

AOT Energy operates in various energy sectors, among them crude oil and oil products, renewable fuels, petrochemicals, natural gas, LNG, and coal. This global operation believes in equitable partnerships and has built enduring relationships within the energy industry. Additional details about AOT Energy are available on the company’s LinkedIn page.

Petrochem Energy

Petrochem Energy advocates for clean energy in the oil and gas industry. Stay tuned for more updates about Petrochem Energy on their Facebook page.


In the chemical, consulting, and oil and gas industries, Questco offers services like oil refinery supply chain optimisation, oil trading, and commodity price risk management, among others. For inquiries, visit the company’s website.


Terraoil is another pivotal player making strides in the energy, oil, and gas industry. Learn more about Terraoil on their LinkedIn page.


Laroute, offering fuel additive treatment services, is an essential contributor to the oil and petroleum industry. Specifically catering to oil traders, the company is also known for its in-tank and on-board vessel services.

Despite formidable challenges and varying world market conditions, these Zug-based companies continue to propel the oil and gas sector. By employing sophisticated methods, harnessing local resources, and pushing the boundaries of technological capabilities, they undoubtedly represent the future—hence their place in our Futurology series.


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Written by Mark Smith

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