Westlake Village: Californian Powerhouse Innovating Future Energy Solutions

Welcome to the world of future-focused companies at the front-line of the energy sector. Each of these organizations are based right in Westlake Village, California. Many of these companies are not only paving the way for renewable, clean energy, but also creating innovative technologies for sectors like aerospace and automotive. As part of an ongoing series, we are thrilled to spotlight each of these boundary-pushing businesses.

In addition to focusing on their unique selling propositions, we will also briefly touch upon the energy sector as such. It’s crucial to keep in mind that energy is the backbone of our economies and societies. Successful navigation of the energy industry is fundamentally about finding the right balance between profitability and sustainability. Now, let’s take a look at some of the most dynamic companies operating out of Westlake Village.

These featured companies are diverse in their areas of operation, but all have a core commitment to creating and deploying sustainable energy solutions. Whether it’s aerospace or healthcare, these organizations are finding ways to utilize alternative energy sources and propel their industries forward. Let’s delve into the unique offerings of these Westlake village firms.

GreenTech Motors

GreenTech Motors operates across a range of sectors, from aerospace and automotive to food processing, manufacturing, telecommunications, and more. Founded by Ron Pretlac, its mission is to create sustainable solutions across these markets.

CalWind Resources

Operating primarily in the renewable energy sector, CalWind Resources is committed to capitalizing on wind energy, a promising, abundant, and zero-emission source. It provides innovative clean energy solutions.

Applied LNG

Applied LNG is a major player in the energy, marketing, oil, and gas industry. They specialize in providing effective and efficient natural gas solutions to clients.

Digital Energy

Founded by Jai Agaram in 1989, Digital Energy provides consulting and software engineering services to businesses in the energy sector. They pride themselves on delivering high quality products to clients for over 20 years.

Remediation Earth

Remediation Earth is an energy company with a focus on waste management and environmental consulting. They endeavor to create sustainable solutions for waste management.

Berry Sleepy & Awake

Berry Sleepy & Awake operates at the intersection of healthcare and renewable energy. They’re paving the way for innovative solutions that serve multiple industries.

Written by Mark Smith

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