Viennese Innovators Redefining Smart Building Technology Sector in Austria


Smart building technologies are quickly defining the future of infrastructure. These innovations are improving energy efficiency, enhancing safety and security, and transforming the overall living experience. This shift towards smarter, more connected buildings is being facilitated by numerous pioneering companies that are driving innovation in this space. Vienna, Austria—a city known for its rich history and breathtaking architecture—is surprisingly also a thriving hub for smart building companies.

In this article, we will introduce you to the unique companies based in Vienna that are leading the charge in the smart building sector. These companies are pushing boundaries and designing solutions that combine cutting-edge technology with environmental sustainability. Whether you’re interested in real estate, construction, facility management, or IT solutions, these Vienna-based companies offer a unique perspective on the smart building industry.

Each company listed contributes to the ever-expanding field of smart building technology in varying ways: from devising energy-efficient ways to manage gardens to creating apps that allow for seamless control of access to various spaces. The initiative and vision of these leading companies in the smart building industry are truly inspiring, as they navigate their way into the future and shape smarter, technologically driven buildings.


This groundbreaking company commits to designing buildings as continuously evolving products to enhance affordability and experience while safeguarding the planet’s resources. The pioneering founders, Alexander Fuhrmann, Bernd Oswald, Harald Mahrer, and Markus Fuhrmann, direct the company’s operations in construction, green building, real estate, residential, smart building, and software sectors. Connect with Gropyus on LinkedIn.

viRaTechnologies GmbH

viRaTechnologies stands out with its intelligent garden irrigation system, viRaCube, bringing your garden closer to the smart home. The founders, Alexander Lampret and Roland Groesslich, focus on providing solutions in the CleanTech, Consumer Goods, Green Consumer Goods, GreenTech, Home and Garden, Smart Building, and Solar sectors. viRaCube aids in catering for lawn green and flower colours through the integration of sensors and valves for intelligent irrigation. The company champions in greenthinking with every product developed. Follow their updates on Facebook here or connect with them on LinkedIn.


Tapkey’s innovative open Access-as-a-Service (AaaS) platform enables partners to seamlessly integrate smartphone-based access into existing apps while also facilitating the development of new access solutions. Founders, Gilbert Hödl, Gregor Zehetner, Jochen Schurich, and Markus Minichmayr spearhead the company’s operations in the realms of Apps, Internet of Things, Security, and Smart Buildings. To stay updated on their ventures, follow their Facebook page or connect with them on LinkedIn.

QGate Innovation GmbH

Operating in the IOT/M2M sector, QGate Innovation GmbH’s product; QGate, is an open IoT platform with an integrated, online-available application development studio, application store, and services account. Together with an intelligent hub managing devices via Smartphone and Web Services. The founders, Andreas Aigelsreiter, Hans-Peter Buber, Stefan Pfeffer are concentrated on Energy Efficiency, Information Technology, Internet of Things, Security, Smart Building, and Software industry.

SIDE – Studio for Information Design

The SIDE company brings together architecture, building maintenance, civil engineering, construction, consulting, facility management, information technology and more. The company’s founder, Erich Kotroczo, is driving activities across property development, property management, smart building, and many other sectors. Follow their work on the Facebook and Linkedin pages.


Mustafa Tol leads the Mirsisscreen firm which brings together Digital Signage, Interior Design, Manufacturing, Smart Building, and other industries. This company also provides continuously evolving technological solutions. Updates on their journey can be found on their Facebook page.

Written by Mark Smith

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