Valencia’s Pioneering Innovators Transforming the 3D Printing Industry Landscape

The modern technological revolution is a force to be reckoned with. Innovations such as 3D printing are changing the manufacturing landscape, offering speedy, flexible, and efficient methods of production. Valencia, California, known for its commitment to technological advances and its thriving business scene, is home to several pioneering 3D printing companies. In this article, we will explore some of the leading companies situated in Valencia, pushing the boundaries of 3D printing and manufacturing.

3D printing technology is poised to transform many sectors, including healthcare, automotive, architecture, and more. It is the process of creating physical objects from a digital design using layer-upon-layer material deposits. Companies in Valencia have embraced this innovative tech, leveraging it to offer quality services to various industries. The fascinating exploration journey introduces us to companies specializing in 3D Printing from diverse sectors such as Information Technology, Manufacturing, Mechanical Engineering, Graphic Design, and E-Commerce.

Valencia is becoming a hub for companies employing 3D printing in their business models, given the ample resources and tech-savvy talent in this region. Keep reading to learn about these pioneering companies and how they’re using 3D technology to drive innovation, productivity, and business growth.

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is a revolutionary 3D printing company offering transformative custom manufacturing solutions for organizations at every phase of the production process. From the merger of three leading 3D printing companies, Stratasys Direct Manufacturing became a one-stop solution for additive and conventional manufacturing services in the plastic and metal parts domain. They serve various industries including aerospace, medical, consumer products, and entertainment. Connect with them via their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn pages.

Solid Concepts Inc.

Founded by Joe Allison, Solid Concepts Inc. offers engineering, production, manufacturing, and prototyping services. As a major manufacturer of business products, aerospace components, medical devices, and more, this company has positioned itself as both an additive manufacturing service provider and a groundbreaking 3D printing service. Social media savvy? Meet them on their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn platforms.


Since 1989, Scicon has been offering top-notch prototyping and manufacturing services, making use of additive and subtractive processes. They take the pride of a single-source Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Center for one-off parts, low-run production, and complete assemblies. To get in touch, follow their Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn feeds.

Peterson Printing & Graphics

Specializing in visual communications, Peterson Printing & Graphics offers a spectrum of services that include design, print, digital archiving, and more. As an innovative 3D printing company, they set themselves apart from the rest. Don’t miss their updates on their Facebook or LinkedIn accounts.

Dangling Carrot Creative

Dangling Carrot Creative offers versatile services including banners, backdrops, decals, and even 3D printing. The range of services offered brings out their creativity and innovation in the design and printing industry. Connect with them on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn.


P3 is a prominent player in the 3D printing domain with a focus on E-Commerce and Retail. Their specific services and business model details are not mentioned, however, they are yet another example of 3D printing applications in various domains.

Written by Mark Smith

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