Unveiling Singapore’s Pioneers in the Global 3D Printing Revolution

In an era of powerful technological advancements, one industry that is rapidly gaining traction and transforming the traditional ways of production and manufacturing is 3D printing. As a globally renowned technological hotspot, Singapore’s Central Region is home to a number of innovative companies that are pushing the boundaries in this industry. From pharmaceutical advancements to consumer electronics and analytical services, these firms are revolutionizing conventional processes and systems with their ingenuity and inventiveness.

The 3D printing industry in Singapore’s Central Region promises unprecedented growth and development, making it an exciting subject for our study. Join us as we cast a projection beam over some of the greatest pioneers in this space who are reaffirming Singapore’s position as a disruptive leader in technology. In this article, we delve into the fascinating worlds of twelve such trailblazing companies.

Each of these organizations brings something unique and invaluable to the table. From developing new methods of drug delivery and contributing to the consumer electronics market, to working towards making 3D printing more accessible, these companies are giving us a glimpse into an extraordinary future of possibilities and innovations.

Craft Health

This advanced pharmaceutical company is reimagining the healthcare and nutraceutical industry through its innovative solutions and services. Founded by Neo Kok Beng, Seng Han Lim, and Wei Jiang Goh, Craft Health boasts a comprehensive approach to drug delivery, moving from research and development to manufacturing. Follow them on LinkedIn for more updates.


A innovative creation by Daria Mironova, CreoPop is a sparkling addition to the consumer electronics domain. Known for its device – the 3D pen, CreoPop offers a unique way for individuals to draw three-dimensional figures. Their Facebook and LinkedIn pages share more about their exciting journey.


Co-founded by Brendan Goh, Roger Chang, and Tsang You Jun, Pirate3D embodies the spirit of innovation in the 3D printing industry. Their main offering, The Buccaneer, is a 3D printer which uses fused filament fabrication (FFF) for printing PLA. Keep up with them on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Canalys, co-founded by Chris Jones, Sandy Fitzpatrick, and Steve Brazier, is a multi-faceted firm, providing analytics, marketing, and research services for the electronics and technology industry. You can get the latest updates from Canalys via their LinkedIn and Twitter pages.


3DInfra, initiated by Matthew Waterhouse, is a budding metal additive design and printing startup, set on addressing the metal printing requirements of cutting-edge companies across the globe.


A venture by Ajay Sharma and Gurjit Sidhu, Kloneworld brings an element of fun to the 3D printing realm. Users can create animated versions of themselves and even gift a figurine to their loved ones. Visit their Facebook page and follow them on Twitter to stay updated.


Aniwaa, co-founded by Martin Lansard and Pierre-Antoine Arrighi, is the leading marketplace for additive manufacturing systems. They have a strong social media presence, with active profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


Osteopore, an enterprise by Khoon Seng Goh, focuses on the production of 3D printed bioresorbable implants that aid the stages of bone healing.

Bio3D Technologies

Founded by Adrian Fan, Bio3D Technologies aims to provide an affordable and reliable 3D micro-printing and bioprinting platform for research and biomedical applications.


Spotworks is a leading 3D visualization company with a focus on interior rendering, architectural visualization and more. Keep up with their updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Creatz3D is an authorized reseller of top 3D printing systems and software. They are active on social media, with a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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