Unveiling New York’s Pioneering Companies in Augmented Reality Tech Industry

As we work towards a more technology-driven future, the market of Augmented Reality (AR) is experiencing a remarkable boom, with various companies making groundbreaking strides in this industry. Particularly in New York, there is a burgeoning scene of AR enterprises creating innovative services and products that are revolutionizing our interaction with technology. This article will shed light on the pioneering AR companies headquartered in this vibrant city, hoping to offer readers an insight into their groundbreaking technologies and aspirations.

From providing revolutionary e-commerce experiences and embarking on blockchain advancements to creating AR for education and entertainment, these companies are trailblazing a path towards a more immersive and interactive future. Covering a broad range of industries including e-commerce, gaming, digital entertainment, education, software, blockchain and more, each of these companies utilizes AR to provide unprecedented experiences to users.

Each company’s bio includes the founders, a brief description of their enterprises, links to their websites and social media profiles, and an overview of their work within their chosen industries. Here is our curated list of the most innovative AR companies based in New York City.


Founded by Neha Singh, Obsess is an Augmented Reality Company that’s revolutionizing the e-commerce experience on mobile by making it more visual, interactive, and contextual. The Obsess cloud platform empowers brands and retailers to launch highly engaging and branded online virtual stores on their websites. Follow Obsess on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

droppGroup | droppLabs

Founded by Christopher Kelly and Gurps Rai, droppLabs leads the industry in shopatainment by incorporating video streaming, mixed reality, and experiential commerce through its comprehensive Web3 SaaS solutions. You can connect with droppGroup on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

The Glimpse Group

The Glimpse Group, founded by Alper Guler, Ariel Imas, Braden Ferrari, and Caner Soyer, is a pioneering Virtual and Augmented Reality company. The company comprises multiple VR/AR software and service companies that share resources and infrastructure. Want to learn more? Check out their Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Rad, co-founded by Dominic Giglio, Matthew Collado, and Tony Mugavero, is an online entertainment platform that uses NFTs to unlock streaming Live TV, Premium Video, and Live Events. Follow Rad on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Launched in New York City by Brent Chow and Sophia Dominguez, Svrf is the ultimate AR platform that makes 3D searchable, shareable, and accessible on all platforms. Svrf has an iOS app allowing users to create and share 3D filters right from their phone. You can follow Svrf’s journey on Twitter and LinkedIn.


Co-founded by Alex Herrity and Neil Voss, Anima is an engine and studio working on outlying augmented reality and blockchain technology. Find Anima on Twitter and LinkedIn.

DEVAR Entertainment

Created by founders Andrey Komissarov, Anna BeL, and Vitaliy Averianov, DEVAR Entertainment blends the publishing and technology sectors to produce augmented reality books for children. The effectiveness of their innovative business model has been demonstrated by their global success. Learn more about DEVAR Entertainment on their LinkedIn page.


Co-founded by Anand Agarawala and Jinha Lee, Spatial empowers NFT creators to customize and host events like exhibitions, brand experiences, and conferences in a virtual space. Check them out on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Allure Systems

Brought to life by founders Gabrielle Chou and Jeremy Chamoux, Allure Systems uses cutting-edge AI technology to produce apparel images for eRetailers. Follow Allure Systems on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Established by Brian Streem, Vermeer is a platform for mission planning in augmented reality. It provides GPS-denied environments with mixed reality and AI-enabled visualization and autonomous systems. Explore more about Vermeer on their LinkedIn page.


Founded by Alex Smaga and Artur Tkachuk, Arhead operates an AR metaverse ecosystem that’s based on a native builder powered by an interoperable engine and a vibrant virtual-asset economy protocol. Connect with Arhead on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Written by Mark Smith

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