Union City Innovators Transforming California’s Renewable Energy Landscape

Bleeding-edge technology in the energy industry has been a hot topic in the last decade, with the climate crisis and clean energy solutions taking center stage in global discussions. Union City, California, in the United States, has emerged as a hub for companies operating in this critical sector. Here, we spotlight companies headquartered in Union City that are propelling the future of energy through innovative technologies, services, and sustainability practices.

From electronics and manufacturing to energy management and renewable energy, these companies span different areas within the industry, each contributing to the larger narrative of energy transition. They also exhibit a strong commitment to environmental stewardiness, with many engaging in research and development of energy-efficient solutions and renewable energy systems. This article provides a closer look into these companies and their unique offerings.

This series is intended to serve as a resource for those interested not only in the corporate landscape of Union City’s energy sector, but also in the broader application and implications of these companies’ technologies on the global energy future.


Founded by Terry Clark, Finelite operates in the electronics, energy, manufacturing, and renewable energy sectors. The company designs and manufactures high-efficiency, environmentally sustainable lighting systems for office, healthcare, and educational facilities. Their commitment to energy-efficient LED and fluorescent lighting systems has driven their innovative approach and excellent customer service. They have also embarked on partnerships with research institutions to develop best practices in LED lighting and controls.


Envise, founded by Joe Molnar, operates in the consulting, energy, and renewable energy sectors. Their precise offerings and services are not publicly available at this time, but their commitment to the energy sector is a defining aspect of their company.

Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay is known in the energy, energy management, and energy storage sectors. The company manufactures and distributes power and thermal management systems. They cater to several industries, including marine, transportation, medical, electronics, and communication. The company’s thermal control, sound reduction, and DC power management systems stand out in the market.

TDC Power Products

TDC Power Products operates in the Consumer Electronics, Electronics, Energy, and Manufacturing sectors. More detailed information about their products and services is not currently available.


Isarporation is a player in the Biomass Energy, Energy, and Solar sectors. The company has not publicly shared more in-depth information about their offerings at this time.

Energy ETC

Energy ETC operates in the Energy, Energy Management, Information Technology, and Software sectors. More detailed information about this company’s offerings and services is not available at this time.

Written by Mark Smith

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