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Top 8 Cybersport Teams In The World In 2022

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Cybersport has become quite popular and is attracting more and more new players recently. Today it is a well-known sport. It can be either team or individual. A team sport is a competition between two or more teams. And the individual sport means that each player plays for himself.

Until 10 years ago, no one took cybersport seriously. But after a while, this type of sport has become quite popular. It constantly stands out with innovations and changes. Classic sports remain unchanged for many years, but in cybersport there are new disciplines. The stars of this sport are more simple than actors, soccer players or singers.


If you want the team to give great results, you have to train all the time. These people work just as hard as ordinary athletes. They may be near a computer for as long as eight hours a day. Tournaments are held in different countries, so players are often travelling. Learn more about cybersport on

Cybersport was born in 1997, when the first Quake event took place. The winner was Dennis Fong and took home a large sum and a new Ferrari 328 GTS.

List of the Best Cybersport Teams in 2022

In 2022 there are the best cybersport teams:

  1. FaZe Clan is an organisation that is the first of the best cybersport teams in the world. They managed to win the first Major of the year in Antwerp, then won 2 major tournaments. They are semifinalists at the RLCS World Championship and in the top four at the Winter Major.
  2. Cybersport G2 is a team that just qualified for the League of Legends World Championship. They were European champions in the spring. Their best game was Rocket League. They were able to win the RLCS Winter Major.
  3. Optical Games is the team that won the first major of the year in the Call of Duty League and was able to perform in the playoffs perfectly in the Halo Championship Series Kansas City Major, Apex Legends Global Series Split 2.
  4. FURIA is a Brazilian organisation that performed well in Rainbow Six: Siege, CS:GO and Apex Legends in 2022. They made the playoffs at the Rainbow Six Invitational and PGL Major Antwerp as the best team from America. The team finished in the top six at the RLCS Winter and Spring Majors and won the Gamers8 Rocket League tournament.
  5. Team Liquid finished 2nd in the Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 playoffs in April. They are always good in all games. They were able to make the playoffs at the VALORANT Masters. They also finished in the top 8 at the RLCS Spring Major.
  6. Cloud9 is the team that solidified its place in the top rankings by qualifying for the League of Legends World Championship. It finished second at the Halo Championship Series Kansas City Major in April. It did well at both Apex Legends.
  7. 100 Thieves won the Call of Duty championship and qualified for the corresponding championship.
  8. Fnatic is a European organisation that is in the top 10. It was the regional champion at the VCT Season 2 stage, and was also in the top four at Masters: Copenhagen. The team also qualified for the Dota Major earlier this year. At the ALGS Championship, it finished in the top four teams.

Other teams are placed in the table:

Name of organisation



2nd place at ESL One Stockholm, in Apex TSM reached the finals

Natus Vincere

Won the finals of Blast Spring, performed well at Rainbow Six

Team Liquid

Took 1st place in GWB

FunPlus Phoenix

Winning the VALORANT Masters: Copenhagen RLCS

More About the Cyber Athletes

Professional cyber athletes are people who play one of the highlighted cybersport games in different tournaments. They earn their money by winning brilliantly at competitions. Also players who are part of a particular company get a salary for this. Its size depends on the skills and experience of the gamer. The age of the cyber athlete does not matter. Nowadays 18 years old guys can earn immense sums of money during one year.

Today the portrait of a gamer has also changed. Earlier the player was a teenager – a guy younger than 18 years old, now a lot of American gamers are women. 34 years old is the average age of a gamer.

You can also play in the best online casinos USA, where there are excellent conditions, a variety of games and an interesting interface. This is for those who want to spend time gambling and fun.

The Main Advantages of Cybersport

Due to the fact that the sport has been recognized as a traditional sports discipline in many countries, it attracts teenagers who want to combine their passion for the game with public recognition.

It is also perceived as an opportunity to apply their gaming skills. The growth of cybersport attracts sponsors and advertisers who are closely associated with the advertising industry. Professional cyber athletes often have the same sponsors that Lionel Messi or Tiger Woods have.

The expansion of cybersport has been anticipated by professional players and others. It has grown to the point where it includes dozens of activities.

The popular disciplines that stand out in it are:

  • Overwatch;
  • FIFA;
  • Hearthstone;
  • League of Legends;
  • Dota 2;
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive;
  • PUBG;
  • StarCraft 2;
  • Fortnite.

The main cybersport games are Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 – fans have labelled them as the most story-driven and entertaining games for team competitions. The Britannica does a great job of writing about

People can become cybersport coaches, analysts, commentators, panellists, observers, journalists and columnists.

This industry is constantly developing and reaching new heights, so the range of professions is expanding. In addition to the path of becoming a gamer, a person will be interested in becoming a trainer or commentator. Therefore, everyone can find a place in this new sport.

Cybersport is already defined as the future of all sports, especially after quarantine. This niche is a great choice for all people who are passionate about games and popular cybersport disciplines. Cybersport can be a new area of development for people. Therefore, today it is possible to spend time at the computer not only interesting, but also profitable. It can become a full-time job that can change life. It is enough to gain more skills in your favourite games and use them, daily approaching the desired result.

Written by Marcus Richards

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